Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not so Dukan Diet - 6.7kg lost in 78 days!

I can't believe it is two weeks since my last blog! Currently 6.7kg lost in 78 days - 59 days to go and still 12.3kg to lose.

Why have I been so quiet? Is it because I have only lost 300g (.3kg) in the last two weeks? Perhaps. And work has been busy. And my personal life has been hectic.

Only 300g in two weeks ... I hear you mutter. Well .... during this time I gained almost 1kg - only to work hard to lose it again .... and a little more. I stopped following the Dukan Diet to the letter. I've developed my own diet that IS working for me. The weight gain was due to a couple of nights out where I even ate dessert (shock! horror!) However, I think I needed a break - I had been so strict that I felt I deserved a little relaxation on the diet. We shared a packet or red rock chips over two weekends of football AND I had some dark chocolate this week too. It was a treat and I am over it now, which is great!

Now, the good news. Getting the extra kg off, plus some, took only a week when I focussed on it. I am making great use of my mornings at Fenix gym in Nerang - now doing cardio 3 mornings and weights 2 mornings. John came with me yesterday (amazing!) because I organised a 'free' week for him to try the gym. He didn't come this morning but tells me he will come again tomorrow. There is no point pushing him - he shouldn't join if he is not motivated.

Now to the diet. Contrary to Dukan law - I DO have carbs in the morning. At the moment one serve of Uncle Toby's nutty oats with a tablespoon of bran and light milk, followed by one slice of grainy bread or muffin with honey or a smear of butter and vegemite. Alternate days I have two eggs and one piece of toast. It stops me feeling light headed in the mornings.

Then for a work snack I have been bringing in celery sticks - sometimes by themselves and some days with a small amount of hommus. Lunch is either tuna in springwater or a green salad with protein. John made a great meatloaf last night - so I have brought that in for lunch - plus the celery for a snack. My afternoon snack is generally a small no fat yoghurt. As John is starting to watch his diet and is moving towards starting his own weight loss journey, we have been having lighter dinners. Minestrone or tomato soup (home made). John has a bread roll with his. We have a cup of tea later (I usually have a herb tea at night). With the four small meals already during the day, I am finding it easy to eat a wholesome, nutritious but calorie light dinner. If I'm hungry after dinner I have another yoghurt. And water - I am drinking more water.

This seems to be working for me. If we do go out for dinner (apart from the two nights I ate a dessert) I generally have grilled fish or eye fillet steak with green salad. We don't have soup every night - but, like last night, we had the meatloaf John made with green vegetables. He also had some mashed potato but I noticed he had less on his plate than usual ... good for him!

My goal this week is to reach the 7kg LOST mark. By Saturday. Next stop 8kg.

Back to work now ...