Friday, August 13, 2010

Dukan Diet - how healthy is it, really?

Firstly - 111 days and 15.5kg to go. To reach my goal pre-Xmas I need to lose an average of 800g per week. It's do-able, I know. I have been at this diet for almost 4 weeks. Weight loss - 3.5kg. Not bad.

I didn't blog yesterday because I was thinking, analysing and asking questions.
Here's the thing. I have been to the gym every morning this week - for around 45 minutes, twice with trainer Abi putting me through my paces. Results - sore ass (muscles), sore arms, sore legs and feeling quite heroic.
Here's the other thing. I have really stuck to the Dukan Diet - high protein, no carbs, no fat, three tablesoons of oat bran each day - every second day is JUST protein.
So here's the final thing. How healthy is it really to completely cut out carbs? (probably still getting some animal fats from protein, ie: cajun salmon steak for dinner last night). I have had a few bad headaches, and this morning while boxing with Abi I felt a little light-headed for a minute or two. She says some carbs are needed with increased exercise. And fibre - the oat bran did not 'move' me for four whole days until this morning. OK, I understand that there is less to move, but perhaps I am not eating enough? And how healthy is it to completely cut out fruit and many vegetables, such as carrots? Could one apple a day be that bad? (Ryan, I need your response to this).

I have done some reading and research. Most dieticians seem to he saying - moderation, portion control, three smaller meals plus two healthy snacks in between to keep the metabolism going. Drink water before meals to help with the 'full' feeling. This seems sensible but I must admit the Dukan system with clearly stated foods that are NOT allowed is easy to follow.

Conundrum. Do I ditch Dukan and follow something more balanced, like Weight Watchers point system? They have a cheap online program that helps you calculate daily points from foods and exercise. This would be easier than trying to calculate actual proteins, carbs and fats manually. It creates a food diary, which most experts say is important. If I switch to Weight Watchers do I still keep protein high and carbs low, but not totally cut out?

The one thing I do know is that I am totally committed to this journey. I want a little black dress for Xmas. I will stick with the gym. I will stick with a diet. But is the right one?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 24 - NO BLOODY CHANGE ... AGAIN!

I went to the gym yesterday AND this morning - worked up a sweat - have lots of sore bits - stuck fastidiously to the diet - and the scales did not move! What the ...? Still 113 days and 15.6kg to go!
Explanation 1 : Have I increased my muscle mass in just two days? Explanation 2 : The bran has not 'moved' me since Sunday ... ? Explanation 3 : could it be that I am not actually eating enough, so that everything I do eat is being hoarded? (On the weight watchers points system I am only averaging around 15 points per day ... is that my problem)?
I had my two eggs, bran and tuna in springwater omelette again this morning - it really fills me up. (Mind you, it seems to take much less to fill me up these days). I have tuna for lunch and a couple of yoghurts in the fridge for snacks. John is cooking small beef roast tonight.
I really don't crave sweet things BUT I would LOVE a piece of buttered toast or a crumpet, butter and vegemite. Then I feel cranky and deprived when the scales don't move and I am sticking to the diet. Sob!
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 23 - No change, but joined the gym!

The scales showed no change this morning - but I signed up at Fenix Nerang last night with Wendy - very nice and helpful - and had my first session with Abi this morning - they organise three personal training sessions to get you started - great idea! Now 114 days and 15.6 kg to go!

Abi tells me that doing weight resistance will build lean muscle - good for maintaining bone density as I move towards (evil) menopause and that muscle mass burns more calories. Sounds logical. I did squats, push ups, rowing, lateral pulldowns (I think), then 10 minutes on the bike. I am keen to try a few classes - RPM (cycle) and maybe pilates and boxing. They gave me two free passes for each of my daughters, so I am hoping that they will come to a class with me.

My diet was good yesterday - two eggs for breakfast and lean chicken breast with celery, cucumber and capsicum for lunch. I had a yoghurt in the afternoon. John cooked a sirloin steak for me last night - it was quite big and I had green beans and zuccini, steamed.

Started today with breakfast about 45 minutes after the gym - two eggs, oat bran and small tin of tuna in springwater, mixed up and cooked into an omelette. Tasty and filling. I have more tuna for lunch - and a yoghurt for the afternoon. Most of the time I do not feel hungry. Drinking lots of water and green tea.

I saw a little black dress in a boutique window on Chevron Island on Sunday - it is the style I aspire too (a little bit Melbourne Cup) - and I am now quite convinced that I will get there. Go me!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 22 - Losing weight, yay!

What a great weekend - John came home, I caught up with my very good friend Susie for her birthday yesterday and I LOST WEIGHT! Now only 115 days and 15.6kg to go! Unbelievable!

What has made the difference, I hear you ask. I am note sure but I think it is a combination of things. I did the walk-run-walk thing 3 days during the week and an excellent 40 minute pushbike ride with John yesterday. I stuck to the diet and felt fine. Went out to dinner on Saturday night - ordered an eye fillet steak with salad - all good! Had an omelette for breakfast yesterday then went to Susie's birthday lunch. I had just one course - a Japanese salad with crispy fish - the fish was deep fried (I hadn't realised that when I ordered it) but overall it didn't add weight. Everyone else at lunch had at least two courses - which was fine - but I actually did not feel like more. I also drank only water - also felt fine with that.

I am going to join fenix gym today - so I hope to go 3-4 times a week plus still walk other days with John and pushbike ride at least once at the weekend. My clothes felt a little looser today.

I also saw my other pal Sue at the birthday lunch, who has lost 8kgs, initially on this diet but now she is just 'being good' - very inspirational as she looks great! (Younger). I want that!

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