Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - starting new countdown

Another three weeks have gone by and so much has happened, most of it has nothing at all to do with diet.

However, to stick with my theme - I finished my original 137 days with a 9.2kg loss. Not bad. Not great either. My biggest problem was sticking with the diet after the first 60 days, especially once I started at the gym as I seemed to need carbs on workout days.

I am starting a new countdown on January 1st, 2011. I am giving myself 100 days to lose 9kg, which should have me to "sex goddess" status by Easter (ok, that's getting a bit carried away - how about "fabulous 40ish"?)

Now for the news. Emily, my youngest, is moving to Finley, NSW ( where my parents live and where I grew up and went to school) on Jan 2nd for the year. She is studying Cert III in Child Care and will also work part time. She wants to be closer to Melbourne, for the fashion, and near my parents too as she is planning to go overseas in 2012 and may not see them for some time. She passed her Cert IV Fashion Design and is excited about being a country girl for the year! She says she is ready for Finley, but I am not sure whether Finley is ready for her!

My older daughter Jasmine finished her first year at UQ with distinctions and credits and is looking forward to another busy year. She is mo ing into a better Apartment with her own bathroom and just one room mate - she is delighted about that!

I am now contract Editing for Travelling in Australia Magazine, so can now work from home most of the time. I am stRting a new consulting business too, in January, so more about that shortly.

I am currently just starting back at the gym after almost two weeks absence, as Emily and I drove down to Finley dec 6-10, and after doing 3500km, hitting one magpie, near missing a kangaroo and hitting millions of locusts while navigating the floodwaters near Wagga - we were hit by a fast moving vehicle just 20 minutes from home. My car is a write-off (it was brand new this year!) and thankfully Emily was unhurt. However I suffered lots of bruising and contusions and a number of cracked ribs. Eleven days later my bruising is quite. Colorful but my ribs and back may take longer to heal. No heavy workouts for me, just walking at the moment and waiting for insurance e to replace my car. The driver that hit us was at fault, so no problems with the claim, but due to the time of year it may take another week or two for my new car to be ready.

Getting ready for Xmas has been a little harder due to this, but just thankful that my I injuries will heal, given time. Looking forward to a week at Hyatt Coolum over the break.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and new year!