Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dukan Diet - tried Bikram Yoga last night!

Apologies to readers of my blog - I have been offline for a couple of weeks. No excuse really - a slight change in working environment and busy with life, as usual.

First - the weight report. Now 9.2kg lost in 134 days - that's still a half kilo loss per week. While not on track with my original goal - I am still slowly losing weight AND maintaining a lifestyle that is sustainable. Now my original 137 day goal finishes in just 3 days - and I am only halfway to my 19 kg goal.

So, tomorrow being December 1st - I am re-setting my goal - to lose the remaining 9.5kg in 120 days - and that includes Christmas and New Year. So bring on April and the new, sleeker, Susan!!

In regards to my health - I feel great! I am enjoying the gym - averaging 5 mornings per week for around 50 minutes per session, alternating cardio and weights and trying to 'mix' that up a bit too. As far as the gym is concerned, I am in 'the zone'and my good habit is becoming a mild obsession. (So is the morning weigh-in).

I have a new chiropractor - Dr Aaron (and Dr Craig) at Parkwood. I still miss Dr John but his new practice is geographically inconvenient for me ... Amazing energy and great approach to overall wellness with these guys. Now Dr Aaron is also a yogi and heavily involved in Bikram Yoga. He talked me into going to the Bikram Yoga Centre in Southport yesterday afternoon as he was teaching a class. Now I don't know much about yoga - except that I am 48 and not very flexible and that I have never been able to effectively meditate due to a mind that does not stop, even when relaxing.

I had to google Bikram Yoga before I went - it is a 90 minute class in sauna-like conditions. I am not sure of the room temperature, but at a guess it must have been at least 45degrees (they don't tell you in their website - probably so no one gets too scared ...).

I was nervous about going and took Emily with me as she has been doing yoga and pilates at our gym (but not with the heat). Before we started Dr Aaron told me that my main goal should be to just stay in the room for the full 90 minutes - anything on top of that is a bonus.

Well - it started with a lot of breathing exercises (very good for the mild asthma I seem to get) then we went through the 26 asana positions (OK, I got that bit from the website). Whilst not able to fully extend in some positions and some problems with the flexibility in my knees - I DID THE WHOLE CLASS! I felt kind of heroic at the end - especially when we walked out into what would normally seem like a humid 26 degrees - and we actually felt cold after the heat in the yoga class!

There is a whole heap of info on their website about the benefits of heat with yoga - and I have to say, this is something I think I should try again. What a workout!

In other news - Emily is moving to my old home town of Finley for 2011 - to do her Cert III in Children's Services and to be close to Melbourne (for the shopping and fashion). A big step for her and I am going to miss her like mad. But it should be good ... OH, and she has passed her Cert IV in Fashion Design with flying colours this year!

Jasmine ahs also had a great year at Uni and with World Vision - clocking up close to 200 public speaking engagements in her role as World Vision Qld Youth Ambassador. Amazing. I heard her speak at her old school this morning and felt very, very proud!

So .. I promise to keep the blog going more frequently ...