Monday, November 8, 2010

Dukan Diet - not so much on my birthday!

What a wonderful weekend! It was my birthday yesterday and I had an awesome weekend ... and it's not over yet as tonight I have dinner with my two beautiful daughters (so excited!). I received dozens of facebook birthday wishes and lots of phone calls. Emily called from Pacific fair and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me out loud, which was really cute! I spoke to Jasmine last night and can't wait to see her tonight.

Now, before I tell you how non-Dukan I was over the weekend - I will say that I still lost a little weight - now 8.2kg in 112 days! I am actually really pleased, as I expected to gain weight considering my naughti-ness!

We started with breakfast at Aqua on Saturday - although I did have two poached eggs, one piece of bacon and one piece of wholemeal taost (thick) with butter and a green tea. Then home we went, I thought for a chilled out day together. But no - pack your bag, said John, we're heading south. Off to Peppers Salt we went - in a one bedroom spa room with private plunge pool (the best). Early check in - so we headed off to the outdoor spa, then had a swim. The sun was out, it was just lovely. And for the first time I did not feel totally embarrassed wearing a swimsuit in public. OK, it's still not a hot look, but not embarrassing either. Then before I knew it, John was walking me over to Golden Door - he had booked a massage, just for me! Gorgeous aromatherapy massage, floated out to reception and John was there waiting to walk me back to our room. There was knock on the door and champagne and birthday card arived from hotel management (very, very nice, thank you). John had the spa ready and in we went with the champagne.

Now those of you who know me, will know that I am not a big drinker. In fact I have hardly touched alchohol at all for months (one glass of champers on Melb Cup day) - and champagne has a tendency to go straight to my head. So there we were, relaxed and happy, drinking champers in the bath. Then I became relaxed and chatty, then just chatty ... then the bottle was finished and I was downright giggly - plus all we had had since breakfast was a few pretzels and it was now time to get ready for dinner. John said I was very funny ...

Dinner at Season at the hotel was lovely, once I ate something I started to feel 'normal' again. I did not drink with dinner (not willing to push it, who wants a headache on their brthday?) We had two courses, although not huge, it was more than I would normally eat. I had goat loin for main course (yes, goat is the new lamb)!

A lovely day, gorgeous weather, lots of surprises. The next morning we had breakfast by the pool - I had poached eggs again .. and a hash brown ... and a piece of bacon ... and two pieces of (thin) dark bread toast. We organised a 4pm check-out, so had the whole day to relax. Back in the room John gave me a lovely romantic card and a bottle of Chanel! Noice! Jumped back into our swim gear and headed to the big pool for a couple of hours. Swimming, sunning, reading in the shade. All good. John had a couple of beers by the pool, I stuck with soda water, but got hungry around 1pm and had a small serve of salt and pepper calamari by the pool. Consumed it then felt very guilty. John did not eat - he had a much bigger breakfast than I.

Finally we checked out and headed home, relaxed, tired and a little sunburnt. Got the washing done then headed off to our favourite Italian restaurant (John said I should not cook on my birthday) and had garlic pizza AND an entree ravioli. I haven't had pasta in over 3 months. By this stage I thought I would have gained a kilo ... but I jumped up at 5.15am today and went to do a really vigoous cardio workout - and I still weighed in at 8.2kg lost. Yay! I'm crediting the extra efforts I made last week with diet and gym.
Goal for this week - 9kg by the weekend.

Dinner tonight is at Hogs Breath - so I will go for a small steak (I need that protein fix) and salad. Maybe two curly fries ... Can't wait!