Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 13 - LOST 200g (.2kg) YAY!!

An excellent start to the day - scales went down - so now only 125 days and 17.5kg to go! I didn't walk but have been really consistent with my diet. I have housework to catch up on too and lots of running around to do.
I avoided the birthday cake at work yesterday - sending greetings to my workmate without attending the lunch room celebrations. It felt good. It was a bit hard watching the football at home last night WITHOUT red rock chips to snack on. I just didn't buy them, so the temptation was not there. John seemed mildly disappointed and fell asleep at half time.
I have had the BEST morning - I took my daughters to breakfast and we had a fun time catching up (Jasmine is at Uni in Brisbane, so I only see her every other week, or so). Gorgeous Jasmine had healthy eggs benedict, tall thin naughty Emily had chocolate mud cake (for breakfast!?!). I don't know how she does it and stays so lean - although she lives on sushi - and I had a ham and mushroom omelette, no toast.
Emily says she is keen to check out gyms with me next week - it would be fun to go together.
I really feel fabulous when the scales go down.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dukan diet - Day 12 - Only have myself to blame!

John had an early start this morning - so HE didn't have time for a walk - so I CHOSE NOT TO WALK to have breakfast with him and head to work early too. Big mistake! Gained 100g (.1kg). Now 126 days and STILL 17.7kg to go.

It is true what they say about a habit - it takes 21 days to create a habit. I walked for the first 5 days, two day break over the weekend, even though I did other exercise - it wasn't in the morning, then walked two days - then BOMBED for three days. John is off on a business trip from Monday morning for the whole week - so it is up to me to motivate myself - get my (fat) ass out of bed each morning to walk - and check out the local gyms. A (younger) friend, Denyka, has suggested I ask the three local gyms for a 'free' trial - good idea!

On top of the blatent lack of exercise - I ate really well during the day - but we went to the pub last night. Drank iced water (good), entree of seared scallops on cauliflower puree (seemed OK), then entree of salt & pepper calamari with green salad. I KNEW it was flash fried - I just WANTED it! Mind you, if I had walked I would not have gained ...

However, I no longer think about sweets - chocolate, cake or dessert - so that's a plus!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 11 - NO WALK, NO CHANGE

Raining again this morning - hence no walk - and no change on the scales. Still 127 days and 17.6kg to go! It's making the need to join a gym seem more urgent every day!

Had a protein only day yesterday - stuck to it really well and rarely felt hungry. I did have a moment when the 'cake lady in reception' call came at work at 10am - needed to busy myself until she had left the premises with her evil goods. Fruit man due in today - will avoid nuts.

I have to say that the diet is BORING. I like to cook but I am not really enjoying preparing these meals - Dukan has taken the fun out of the kitchen! I don't think John is enjoying it either - he hates having a plate full of protein and carbs - and me with just protein (and greens on alternate days). Although he does enjoy taking a home made lunch to work.

I'm also amazed by how much butter we no longer use (it must have been me - butter on toast, butter on crumpet, butter on dinner roll).

I really need to take the exercise up a notch to get some bigger weight loss numbers - that will put the fun back into it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 10 - GAINED 200g - blaming rain!

Torrential rain overnight and this morning - so no early morning walk. Imagine my horror when I jumped on the scales to find I GAINED 200g (.2kg) overnight - so now only 128 days and 17.6kg to go! Bugger!

Had a good day, Dukan Diet wise - especially breakfast and lunch. May have blown it a little at dinner. Had John cook me a 250g eye fillet on the BBQ (very lean) and had green beans and zuccini (steamed) and the smallest amount of sweet potato (carbs?). While the BBQ was hot I had John cook up some rissoles (all lean beef mince) for lunch today .... and while I was cleaning up after dinner I ATE ONE. Wasn't hungry. Certainly wasn't necessary. It was just THERE ...

Had a yoghurt with bran and two rissoles for breakfast with a cup of black tea. Feel full. The bran worked (yay!).

I need a rainy day solution for my exercise, so joining a gym is looking like a really good idea.

However - oddly enough, despite the slight gain - I FEEL thinner today! Could it be a state of mind? Or am I just wearing pants that have a looser fit?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dukan Diet - Week Two, Day Two - another 100g lost!

Little bit by litte bit. Now only 129 days and 17.4kg to go! Had a great day yesterday - work went well, my intern wrote three advertorial pieces which was a huge help! (Clever girl!)

Did NOT FEEL HUNGRY all day. Had grilled chicken for dinner.

Walked with John again this morning - it felt really good! Having eggs with mushroom and tomato for breakfast, lean meats and green salad for lunch and really looking forward to a lean eye fillet for dinner.

I have been thinking seriously about joining a gym. Will check the nearest two out at the weekend.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Eight - down 100g (.1kg).

A good start to Week 2 - now only 130 days and 17.5kg to go!

Feeling pumped and positive this morning - went for a brisk 30 minute hill walk with John! Had a yoghurt with bran (which finally worked, yay!) and a rissole from last night. All protein day today - so taking three small rissoles to work and a yoghut.

Will oganise fish or chicken tonight for dinner. I have a really big day at work today - I have a Journalism Intern starting (two days per week) and this issue of the magazine is in design his week - printing next week - and I still have a lot of editorial collaterol to write/finish.

I think about food less when I'm busy. Heck, I must admit I have thought about food less on this diet!! Can I be changing the way think about food already? I hope so.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dukan Diet Day Seven - lost another 200g (.2kg) Yay!

Definitely on a roll here - another 200g down - only 131 days and 17.6kg to go!

Did not walk yesterday but busy all day. Had some cold roast beef and green salad for lunch. Went to a Rotary function in the evening - had a small bowl of minestrone soup, follwed later by a small bowl of chicken soup. Very delicious and quite filling BUT was EXTREMELY ENVIOUS of the home made pizza everyone was making. Smelt tantalising but I stayed strong. Drank only water. Dessert came out (three diferent kinds and nothing on the approved eating list) - so John took pity on me and decided it was a good time to leave.

Lazy day today - had a sleep in then went to Aqua on the Broadwater for breakfast. Ordered a ham and mushroom omelette (no cheese). Fabulous. So full afterwards that I did not even want the toast that came with it. Tried some chai tea - quite nice.

Went to Cav's (very special butcher)for some mini lamb roast for dinner and some very fresh, nothing but lean meat, rissoles. John cooking rissoles on the BBQ so I can take some to work. He is having roast veges with his lamb (he uses lots of olive oil). I am dry roasting my lamb and having steamed veges. Looking forward to it.

Had a yoghurt with bran before breakfast - really need the bran again today (enough said!)

Feeling positive and supported. All good!