Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 13 - LOST 200g (.2kg) YAY!!

An excellent start to the day - scales went down - so now only 125 days and 17.5kg to go! I didn't walk but have been really consistent with my diet. I have housework to catch up on too and lots of running around to do.
I avoided the birthday cake at work yesterday - sending greetings to my workmate without attending the lunch room celebrations. It felt good. It was a bit hard watching the football at home last night WITHOUT red rock chips to snack on. I just didn't buy them, so the temptation was not there. John seemed mildly disappointed and fell asleep at half time.
I have had the BEST morning - I took my daughters to breakfast and we had a fun time catching up (Jasmine is at Uni in Brisbane, so I only see her every other week, or so). Gorgeous Jasmine had healthy eggs benedict, tall thin naughty Emily had chocolate mud cake (for breakfast!?!). I don't know how she does it and stays so lean - although she lives on sushi - and I had a ham and mushroom omelette, no toast.
Emily says she is keen to check out gyms with me next week - it would be fun to go together.
I really feel fabulous when the scales go down.
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  1. Go Mum, Go Mum, Go, Go, Go Mum!
    Well done, keep up the great work!
    Loved having breakfast with you this morning too.... but don't understand how Em can eat chocolate cake for breakfast and still be so thin... it not fair!!