Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dukan Diet - I hate it when it stalls!

Again, almost two weeks since my last blog (sorry) and not much to report. Still stuck on 8kg loss - in fact it has fluctuated by about 400g during this time too. So frustrating! My goal was to reach 10kg lost by my birthday (Sunday 7th November) but it is obvious that is not going to happen in the next 3 days. In fact I will now be happy if I can get to 8.5kg and delirious if I hit 9kg.

So, currently 8kg lost in 108 days - that's 15 weeks folks - so still a loss of over half a kilo per week. Not bad. Not fantastic either. My original goal to lose 19kg in 137 days has been completely blown out of the water. In fact I only have 29 days left for my original task. Based on the way I have been tracking I should reach 10 - 11kg lost by then. I sound like I'm whinging, but on reflection it is still a great amount of weight lost! I have changed my eating habits significantly and have established an exercise regime that I enjoy! Go figure. And I will keep going. I will re-set my goals at the end of this task and puch on through the holidays. It's a lifestyle now.

One of my lovely followers has told me that she was motivated by my blog and has lost 5.5kg herself - so impressive and I believe she has done it quite a bit faster than I have. I will ask her for tips! It's also nice to know that my weight loss journey has impacted on at least one other person.

Last time I blogged about my impending visit to Gwinganna Health Retreat. It is an outstanding, astonishing, awesome place. I've been to a few health retreats in the past - but this place is a knock-out. OK, its not cheap - but everything is included and they run about two staff per one guest. The Spa is the best I have ever been to. I had the most gorgeous hydrating facial on the first day and a hot stone massage on the second. We were on an 'indulge' weekend - so the meals were healthy, yet plentiful and very tasty. On other programs, such as a detox, the meals vary to suit. I tried some new things - like deep water running both mornings and did a pump class followed by boxing on Saturday. Also early morning thai chi was invigorating! The property is set on about 160 acres in the Gold Coast hinterland and the accommodation is spectacular. Susie and I stayed in 'Peel House' high on a ridge - a private cottage with a king bed and ensuite each with a shared living area between. We had little golf buggies to get around in as we were quite a long way from the facilities. Susie drove most of the time - she does a great Stirling Moss impression in a golf buggy - hilarious! I would like to go back - actually we boeth would - and take our blokes next time. Lots of fun. I didn't lose or gain weight during my stay ...

This week has been a bit tricky diet wise - we had a Melbourne Cup function here at work on Tuesday and the nibblies were not really healthy choices. I didn't have much - and one glass of champagne - but it still upset my diet balance. I am taking Jasmine to lunch today - Thai - and have a World Vision awards night to go to in Brisbane tonight with Emily for Jasmine. Last year it was finger food, so I am going to try to have a reasonable lunch and yoghurt before I go, so I won't eat more than a couple of things tonight. Jasmine will be recognised tonight for her work this year as Queensland Youth Ambassador, so I am looking forward to it.

Then, my birthday on Sunday - John is taking me to dinner on Saturday night - not sure where - but I like surprises!