Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 20 - LOST 200g (.2kg) - Yay!

Enjoyed waking up this morning to find I had lost a little more weight - now only 118 days and 16.9kg to go! I called in at fenix gym on the way home - VERY NICE - 5 star facilties, nice people, easy parking. More expensive than all the others - $18.30 per week for a 12 month membership or $24 per week month by month. I would like to ask them if I can begin monthly- then if I like it I will transfer to full membership.
John is on his way home - yay! - should be here late afternoon. Can't wait to see him!
I have some work to do today - I want to be finished when John returns so we can spend some time together.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 19 - no change but feeling good!

One of my friends asked why I weigh myself each day, telling me that I should only do it once a week. The reason, for me, is that I would worry that I was having slight gains without realising, so the daily weigh in keeps me focussed. Any thoughts?
Only 119 days and 17.1kg to go! I really hoped that I would be at least a 1kg down this week while John was away - he is due home later tomorrow and unless I drop a huge amount overnight, not much to report.
I didn't walk this morning as I had a breakfast meeting at 6.30am. Breakfast was runny eggs (yuk! I hate them runny) on toast that I couldn't have and field mushrooms on the side. Ate the mushrooms, drank black tea and ignored the plate of fresh fruit and another of pastries in the centre of the table.
Due to my early start I forgot to pack lunch and frankly did not have time to go out today - so I was left with a yoghurt in the fridge - which I ate. Really did not feel hungry until around 4pm - so I chewed some gum (seriously thought about swllowing!). I was offered chocolate and jelly snakes by a colleague, but I stayed strong!
I should be home around 6.30pm - so the trick is not to over-eat because I am hungry. I am calling into the Fenix gym on the way home. I thought the people at Goodlife were very nice last night, but the ladies change room was smelly - worse than smelly - it was lucky I hadn't eaten when I called in! They are $3 per week more than the Sharks gym too - doesn't sound much but it is $150 per year - and that's a pair of shoes!
Taking final proofs for the mag home tonight - need to do final checks tomorrow and write my Editor's Intro. Busy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 18 - LOST 100g (.1kg) - Must have been the jogging ...??

Love seeing the scales go down in the morning, even if it is only in increments. DOWN is GOOD! Now only 17.1kg and 120 days to go! Motivated myself to go walking again this morning - quite quick because I did the walk-jog-walk thing again. I'm sure I saw one driver laughing when he zoomed past!

Had a great night with Emily - she came with me to the gym which isn't really a Beachhouse anymore, it is now a Sharks and I was on the wrong website yesterday. They DON'T offer a free trial, which was disappointing. The gym is very newly renovated - all timber floors and chrome fittings. Looked fabulous if not a little daunting to a newbie. Emily was a bit overwhelmed by it - she thought we should try a smaller gym.

I have an appointment at the Goodlife Gym at Westfield Helensvale this evening - for a comparison. I'm looking forward to it.

Dinner was grilled cajun salmon - yum! Wanted calamari but Emi fogot to ask for it - Iwas really cranky when I realised then I had to apologise to her later and tell her it was the 'hunger' that was cranky, not me.

Had a hot bath and read my book for a while - feeling good about it all at the mo - and John will be back late Saturday, so I am looking forward to that!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 17 - NO CHANGE but feeling better!

No change on the scales again this morning - still 121 days and 17.2kg to go. However I motivated myself to get up early despite the cold and go for a walk. It was a quicker walk this morning BECAUSE I RAN A LITTLE! That's right, I actually ran (well, slow jog, really). So I walked 100 metres, jogged 60 metres, walked 100 metres, jogged 60 metres. Not bad - got all my bits wobbling - would have been hilarious from behind!

I've decided that my metabolism is very slow and I need to speed it up - because I am sticking to the diet really well. Going to the gym, finally, after work tonight. I cooked lean chicken breast for dinner. After dinner I was relaxing on the couch enjoying Packed to the Rafters when my youngest, Emily, decided to join me while eating a chocolate mousse. She offered me a spoonful. I declined. She offered again telling me that one little bit wouldn't hurt. I declined. She made a final attempt, actually waving it under my nose - but I told her I have lost my taste for sweet things and no thank you. She was very impressed.

Jasmine got caught in traffic on the freeway coming down from Brisbane, so I only had a few minutes with her before she left for her date (but I did put through the load of washing she just happened to bring with her).

It was fun in the kitchen this morning having a 'date postmortum' with her. The love guru of the house, Emily, threw in some sage advice too. Watch this space.

Had two eggs scrambled with a tablespoon of yoghurt and fresh basil from our yard for breakfast and a chamomile tea.

I have brought in the extra chicken breast I cooked last night, for lunch today - plus some green tea and inelegeant chewing gum in my top drawer along with container of bran for yoghurt snack later.

I have a 'thing' to go to on the 22nd August - really want to be down another 3kg by then, so I have to get this together.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 16 - NO CHANGE - feeling flat!

How quickly things can change. I had a good loss yesterday morning and felt great. No change this morning and feeling quite flat. Now 122 days and still 17.2kg to go. I think I expected to break that 17kg barrier overnight and was disappointed when I didn't. To top it off it was very cold this morning, I didn't sleep well (missing John) and I didn't walk. I got up, weighed myself, saw no change and went back to bed for half an hour feeling despondent.
However, Jasmine is coming to stay tonight and I know she will get me motivated - perhaps she will even come for a walk in the morning ...
I will make sure my diet is fine today - had rissoles last night - have brought two to work with green salad. I think I should make the rissoles myself as I noticed they were a little fattier than usual when I cooked them. Chicken or fish tonight and a little Jas time!
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 15 - LOST 300g (.3kg). Heading in the right direction!

I had an awesome weekend - stuck to my diet - caught up with family and friends AND lost weight. Now 123 days and 17.2kg to go! The only time I had any sort of 'craving' was when John had hot buttered grainy toast at breakfast yesterday - I really, really wanted some - but resisted temptation. We even had a roast for lunch and it did not bother me to avoid the baked potato! And ... no sweet cravings, at all!

It's taken me 47 years to realise what an awesome machine the body is - I am feeling more confident every day that I can change my bad habits and retrain my taste buds (and brain) to turn on to a much healthier lifestyle. Plus I got up early and walked this morning - by myself, as John left early for a business trip. (and the remainder of the loaf of grainy bread has been placed in the freezer until his return).

Planning to work hard (magazine goes to printer later this week) and stick to my diet, check out the gyms and spend time with my daughters, where possible.

I have even visualised a thinner me in my little black dress .... and it felt good!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 14 : No change.

I had a really busy day yesterday -breakfast with my girls then a light chicken salad lunch with my gal pal Jan (and some window shopping). There was avocado in the salad - which I ate!! Tasted great but felt very naugty. I had grilled snapper and Asian greens last nght - so was very pleased when the scales remained unchangd - 124 days and 17.5kg to go!
John is leaving for a business trip in the morning - he will be gone around a week - so I intend to use the week to really focus on my diet and get my exercise sorted. Hoping to lose 2kg for the week, with a concenrated effort!
We had a wonderful lamb roast today - John cooked it on the BBQ spit - the baked vegetables looked (and smelled) awesome - but I was happy with just meat and greens. Watching the football at home this afternoon - will snap open a yoghurt (with bran) instead of the usual red rock chips!
Feeling quite motivated and strong!