Monday, August 2, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 15 - LOST 300g (.3kg). Heading in the right direction!

I had an awesome weekend - stuck to my diet - caught up with family and friends AND lost weight. Now 123 days and 17.2kg to go! The only time I had any sort of 'craving' was when John had hot buttered grainy toast at breakfast yesterday - I really, really wanted some - but resisted temptation. We even had a roast for lunch and it did not bother me to avoid the baked potato! And ... no sweet cravings, at all!

It's taken me 47 years to realise what an awesome machine the body is - I am feeling more confident every day that I can change my bad habits and retrain my taste buds (and brain) to turn on to a much healthier lifestyle. Plus I got up early and walked this morning - by myself, as John left early for a business trip. (and the remainder of the loaf of grainy bread has been placed in the freezer until his return).

Planning to work hard (magazine goes to printer later this week) and stick to my diet, check out the gyms and spend time with my daughters, where possible.

I have even visualised a thinner me in my little black dress .... and it felt good!


  1. Do you remember the time we went skiing in Park City and you jumped of the ski lift thinking you were superwomen?
    Well today you are superwomen!
    Well done, you're doing so well!! You should be very proud of yourself
    love xx

  2. Thank you Jas - I can't believe you remember that - you were about seven at the time! Superwoman, I like that!