Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 16 - NO CHANGE - feeling flat!

How quickly things can change. I had a good loss yesterday morning and felt great. No change this morning and feeling quite flat. Now 122 days and still 17.2kg to go. I think I expected to break that 17kg barrier overnight and was disappointed when I didn't. To top it off it was very cold this morning, I didn't sleep well (missing John) and I didn't walk. I got up, weighed myself, saw no change and went back to bed for half an hour feeling despondent.
However, Jasmine is coming to stay tonight and I know she will get me motivated - perhaps she will even come for a walk in the morning ...
I will make sure my diet is fine today - had rissoles last night - have brought two to work with green salad. I think I should make the rissoles myself as I noticed they were a little fattier than usual when I cooked them. Chicken or fish tonight and a little Jas time!
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