Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dukan Diet - I now have a gym buddy

Daughter Emily (17) came to Fenix gym with me last night to organise a free trial - she really liked the place and now has a 7 day trial. She was so motivated that she asked me to wake her when I got up at 5.20am, so that she could come with me. It was fun having her there - although she wore a torn "Frankie says relax" t-shirt which copped lots of looks and a few smiles....

We did cardio this morning - although I had to get Emi started on each machine ... she loved it and is coming again in themorning to do weights.

No change with weight the last couple of days - the plateaus really cheese me off - as I stick to the diet and go to the gym ... and then with no warning whatsoever I will drop 400g. Weird.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dukan Diet - finding my inner goddess, at last!

It was a little hard to get up at 5.20am this morning - part of me just wanted to snuggle in to my permanent blokey hot water bottle for a little longer, but I thought,"if I get up and go to the gym, it may mean another small loss, so just do it!"

So I got up and went to the gym - did a weights workout with a little treadmill at the start and bike at the end. Fenix has a few bikes upstairs in the weights area that have a 'virtual reality' program. First time for me and it is really motivating to be 'racing' the clock and other riders. Fun! I am a competitor, by nature!

Then home to the scales and woo! hoo! - another small loss of just 100g (.1kg) - but now I am 5.4kg down with only 13.6kg to go in 87 days. I had a small porridge with oatbran this morning and half a toasted muffin with vegemite. It seems I need the carbs after the gym. I had left-over Dukan recipe meatloaf for lunch (made John a meatloaf sandwich to take to work) and will have just protein tonight. And maybe a green tea while I watch Packed to the Rafters ...

Oh - I started this blog with "finding my inner goddess" - and guess what? It seems that losing 5kg makes a difference. My work pants are all a little loose - my favourite pair are dragging on the ground slightly, even with my high heel boots on - as I guess my ass/hips are slightly smaller so they hang a little lower. My upper body shape seems to have changed too - it's, er, more shapely. And the tops of my legs now look more like legs than tree stumps .... how will I feel after another 5kg?????

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dukan Diet - 5.3kg lost in 7 weeks!

At the start of this journey I seriously wondered how I was going to stick to such a strict diet AND lose 19kg in 137 days.

I have stuck to the diet, largely, with a few notable exceptions - and in seven weeks (49 days) have lost 5.3kg. Not bad - an average of  .75kg per week! Now 88 days and 13.7kg to go! Based on my current rate of weight loss - this would mean only another 10kg will be lost, leaving me almost 4kg short of my goal. To achieve my goal I now need to lose an average of 1kg per week. Sounds tough!

So I need to focus on the diet and make sure I am really utilising the gym at least 4 times per week. Last week I only went twice, due to bronchitis and work commitments.

I also relaxed just a little at the weekend - I ate a very small amount of hot chips at Hogs Breath on Saturday AND I had a sausage at Riverfire on Saturday night. I also had a hot chocolate (skinny) and a cappucino (skinny) at the weekend. This has to stop!

I had porridge and a toasted muffin this morning for breakfast - after 45 minute cardio workout at the gym. I SHOULD have had eggs, but just did not feel like them. Bad girl! I have had tuna for lunch and currently devouring a yoghurt with bran. I prepared a Dukan meatloaf last night, to have for dinner tonight. I will also bring some in for lunch tomorrow at work.

Wish me luck - it's been 7 weeks, only 13 to go - I can do it!