Monday, September 6, 2010

Dukan Diet - 5.3kg lost in 7 weeks!

At the start of this journey I seriously wondered how I was going to stick to such a strict diet AND lose 19kg in 137 days.

I have stuck to the diet, largely, with a few notable exceptions - and in seven weeks (49 days) have lost 5.3kg. Not bad - an average of  .75kg per week! Now 88 days and 13.7kg to go! Based on my current rate of weight loss - this would mean only another 10kg will be lost, leaving me almost 4kg short of my goal. To achieve my goal I now need to lose an average of 1kg per week. Sounds tough!

So I need to focus on the diet and make sure I am really utilising the gym at least 4 times per week. Last week I only went twice, due to bronchitis and work commitments.

I also relaxed just a little at the weekend - I ate a very small amount of hot chips at Hogs Breath on Saturday AND I had a sausage at Riverfire on Saturday night. I also had a hot chocolate (skinny) and a cappucino (skinny) at the weekend. This has to stop!

I had porridge and a toasted muffin this morning for breakfast - after 45 minute cardio workout at the gym. I SHOULD have had eggs, but just did not feel like them. Bad girl! I have had tuna for lunch and currently devouring a yoghurt with bran. I prepared a Dukan meatloaf last night, to have for dinner tonight. I will also bring some in for lunch tomorrow at work.

Wish me luck - it's been 7 weeks, only 13 to go - I can do it!


  1. (jasmine begins humming, then starts singing, slightly out of tone)
    "Bob the builder, can he fix it?
    Bob the bilder, yes he CAN!"
    "Susan Tyrrell, can she do it?
    Susan Tyrell, yes she CAN!"

    Have faith in yourself and anything is possible :)

  2. VERY cute Jas! Feeling pumped and positive! will miss you this week ...