Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Six - Yay! Down 400g (.4kg)

Day Six - a little sleep in (it's Saturday) but up at 7.30am and straight to the scales. Mental tap dance - 400g loss. 132 days and 17.8kg to go!

Didn't walk. Straight to breakfast - started Cruise Phase today - so mushrooms, onion and tomato in non-stick pan with two fried eggs. John had crumpets wih his, but I didn't even feel jealous!

I had a good day yesterday - scrambled eggs with ham and low fat cheese. No yoghurt left at home but had one mid-morning at work. Forgot to take my bran to work. Two boiled eggs and small tin of tuna in springwater. Filled me up. Drinking lots of water and green tea during the day. Chewed some gum.

Had a meeting after work and missed the butcher - went to Fishbone for a cajun grilled salmon. Snapper for John. Had 4 pieces of his calamari. Felt full.

I met an old friend for coffee this morning - he was very encouraging about my diet and gave me some great tips - I think I will rejoin a gym next month - I just want to consolidate my good habits for another couple of weeks first.

Had some roast beef and garden salad for luch, follwed by a yoghurt with bran. Going to a function this aftrnoon - so I need to have another snack before I go.

Not too worried that I didn't walk today - a little housework and planning a big pusbike ride together tomorrow.

Feeling positive, powerful and thinner!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Five - small gain, bugger!

Jumped on the scales this morning after another vigorous (and chilly) early morning walk (without John, who stayed warm and snug in bed - support over?) - and to my horror I gained 200g (.2kg). Now 133 days and still 18.2kg to go!

One explanation is the two day constipation - although that has now been sorted. I was so proud of myself when on Wednesday the 10am call came over the intercom at work "cake lady in reception, cake lady in reception" - I picked up my phone and made a call, ignoring the stampede past my office to reception. (I have been known in the past to avail myself of said cake lady's wares - namely fresh anzac biscuits and orange and poppy seed cake!) Then yesterday, the 10am intercom call "fruit man in reception, fruit man in reception" - I trotted around to reception and bought a small $2 bag of mixed nuts (avoiding the plump looking mandarins). Ate about 10 during the course of the day - could this be the weight gain culprit?

Ate my rissole and 2 boiled eggs for lunch plus one yoghurt with bran for afternoon tea.

We did go to the pub for dinner with delightful neighbours PJ and Henry. I drove, and drank only iced water (no drama there) but did enjoy 6 oysters kilpatrick (culprit?) and a grilled chicken breast with 3 garlic prawns (the prawns?)

Still feeling motivated - but a bit disappointed with overall results - especially when I hear that some lose 4-6kg on the Attack Phase. Will start cruise phase tomorrow (Sat) but thinking seriously about giving Attack another two or 3 days next week. Also had a mild headache yesterday and again this morning. Not enough water? De-toxing?


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Four - 1kg down, 134 days to go!

Ok, another 300g down when I stepped on the scales this morning after vigorous 30 minute hill walk (and that is despite the bran not working AT ALL yesterday!) That means 18kg and 134 days to go! Not bad for 3 days.

All was good yesterday - did not feel hungry until after work - and John cooked small eye fillet and rissoles on the BBQ for dinner. Had the eye fillet and one rissole ... still felt like more, but waited about 15 minutes and then felt full. Had yoghurt with bran in an effort to get digestive system working properly again. No luck last night or this morning ... had a rissole for breakfast followed by another yoghurt with bran. When it finally kicks in it could be scary!

John DID NOT walk with me this morning - it was VERY cold out - so I feel really heroic for getting up and going by myself.

Have brought in last rissole and a couple of hard-boiled eggs for lunch today - trusty yoghurt and bran on hand too. (Don't want to overdo the bran - could be a disaster ...!!)

We're going to the pub for dinner tonight with friends - not drinking not a problem - but choosing protein only meal could be a little challenging. However this is our local and we go once a week - so Chris in the kitchen may take care of me.

Helpful dining out suggestions while on Attack Phase could be helpful ...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - Attack Phase Day Three

Jumped on the scales this morning - down another 300g (.3kg) - yay! 135 days and 18.3kg to go!

Yesterday finished up really well - Fishbone had gorgeous fresh salmon and some plump Tasmanian scallops. I cooked cajun salmon and scallops for me (plain salmon for Emily) and cajun snapper for John with salad. I felt full and just had a green tea before bed. Drinking lots of water too. Picked up some sugar free chewing gum - Dr Dukan says it is extremely inelegant (agreed) but helps during the day if you feel hungry or just have the habit of a snack at a particular time of day. Giving it a try.

Jumped up around 6am for our morning walk - John's being really supportive. Very sore from the last two days but pushed on. Felt like a hero when I returned!

I whipped up scrambled eggs with a spoon of no fat yoghurt and lean ham for breakfast. Was somewhat envious of John's two pieces of toast - but after I finished I really wasn't hungry. No yoghurt left at home - but I have two small ones at work - so I will have one for morning tea with half my oat bran allowance (which definitely works, by the way - enough said about that!)

I have some tuna in springwater for lunch - and John is cooking eye fillet on the BBQ tonight - yum!

I'm looking forward to starting the cruise phase next week, however - as I am missing my greens!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Two - sore and hungry!

It's only half way through Day Two - I have just had my small piece of grilled chicken for lunch AND IT WASN'T ENOUGH! Hungry. Do I go back to work fridge and knock off one of my fat free yoghurts (with bran added) now .... or do I wait until afternoon tea? Hard to concentrate with internal rumblings. To top it off I am SORE from the walk ... although I only notice when I get up from my desk ....

On the upside of the Dukan Diet - experiencing no wind from the nether regions (not that women get wind, but if they did I would seriously blame the consumption of carbs).

I find myself fantasising about ... wholemeal bread, vegemite sandwich, potato chips. How much damage would a single M & M do?

Thinking ahead to dinner - really want a fresh salmon steak to grill cajun style tonight. Need to check with Fishbone (fabulous fish & chip shop with great range of fresh seafood) to see if they have salmon in today. Snapper for John (salmon a bit strong in taste for the big guy).

Lunch over - back to work - this magazine is not going to write itself!

Dukan Diet - Attack Phase Day Two

Woo! hoo! Weighed myself this morning - 400g lighter than yesterday (.4kg). Heading in the right direction! 136 days and only 18.6kg to go!

So yesterday - ate too much meatloaf and totally over it now. I took enough for two lunches to work - worried that I would feel like a snack and head downstairs to the vending machine. Ended up eating all the meatloaf during the day - but wasn't really hungry. Drank lots of herb tea and water.

Grilled chicken for dinner - (John's with potato mash and veges). Ate two small pieces and felt quite full. Had a low fat yoghurt after with bran in it. Emily cooked up a gorgeous looking chicken and cashew dinner - the smell of roasted cashews was sooo tempting!

Taking a piece of grilled chicken to work today and feel comfortable that I can have my yoghurt as a snack and not feel hungry.

It was harder to get up for a walk this morning - John had an early start so we were up at 5.30am. It rained overnight and I think I would have stayed in bed if John hadn't motivated me. Same walk as yesterday but did it in just under 30 minutes - so we picked up the pace a little. Felt like a hero for going - it was still dark outside!

My girls are 100% behind me and thank you to my pals who sent messages of encouragement.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dukan diet - Day One

A good friend put me onto the Dukan diet over a week ago - she lost 6kgs in 5 days. Sounded too good to be true - so I bought Dr Dukan's diet book and read it over the weekend. Skimmed it really - went straight to the why it works, followed by how to do it. Late yesterday checked out allowed food for the first 5 days and did a quick shop.

So I started Phase One today - the Attack phase. Only protein for 5 days. That's meat, meat and more meat. A few eggs and no fat yoghurt. Secret ingredient - oat bran. Three tablespoons per day. (It makes sense - no one wants all that meat sitting in the colon ...). Seafood is allowed too - fish, prawns etc. The trick is - only grilled or baked and NO OIL. (Oil and butter are lipids - dukaniests don't eat lipids).

So I made the Dukan meatloaf last night. Had it for dinner. No veges. (I slipped a little fresh basil from our garden in - as I have a huge problem with no 'green things' on my plate). It tasted OK. John had the meatloaf too - with mashed potato and honey soy carrots and beans - man that looked good on his plate! Fronted up for the meatloaf again for breakfast (it was a BIG meatloaf) - and made John a meatloaf sandwich for lunch. I had a small no fat yoghurt with half my bran allowance mixed, too. I have to say, I don't mind the bran. I sliced up the rest of the meatloaf and packed it for work. Dr Dukan says you can eat as much protein as you like in this phase - so I want plenty in the work fridge in case I get 'snacky'. Also have a yoghurt in the work fridge to put my bran in again.

My 17 year old daughter came home last night - opened the fridge - looked at the leftover meatloaf sitting plumply on it's plate, covered in gladwrap, and said "Eeuw, what is that brown thing in the fridge? You don't expect me to EAT that do you?" Of course not - she is a tall, lanky size 8-10. She can do without the darn meatloaf!

Dr Dukan also says we MUST walk 20 minutes each day in this phase - and boost up to 30 minutes in the next phase. Set the alarm for 5.50am - leapt out of bed (bloody cold, still dark) and bravely dressed for my walk. John, to his credit, said he would support me and got up too. We actually walked 30 minutes (so there!) - quite briskly and over a couple of hills and back. Definitely got my heart rate up, a little puffed and red faced (but that's a good thing, right?). Want to do the same walk in less than 30 minutes by the end of the week. I hope John will stick with me. (BTW : he wants to lose 10kg too - but refusing to go without veges .... and there is no way he will give up beer carbs!)