Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - Attack Phase Day Three

Jumped on the scales this morning - down another 300g (.3kg) - yay! 135 days and 18.3kg to go!

Yesterday finished up really well - Fishbone had gorgeous fresh salmon and some plump Tasmanian scallops. I cooked cajun salmon and scallops for me (plain salmon for Emily) and cajun snapper for John with salad. I felt full and just had a green tea before bed. Drinking lots of water too. Picked up some sugar free chewing gum - Dr Dukan says it is extremely inelegant (agreed) but helps during the day if you feel hungry or just have the habit of a snack at a particular time of day. Giving it a try.

Jumped up around 6am for our morning walk - John's being really supportive. Very sore from the last two days but pushed on. Felt like a hero when I returned!

I whipped up scrambled eggs with a spoon of no fat yoghurt and lean ham for breakfast. Was somewhat envious of John's two pieces of toast - but after I finished I really wasn't hungry. No yoghurt left at home - but I have two small ones at work - so I will have one for morning tea with half my oat bran allowance (which definitely works, by the way - enough said about that!)

I have some tuna in springwater for lunch - and John is cooking eye fillet on the BBQ tonight - yum!

I'm looking forward to starting the cruise phase next week, however - as I am missing my greens!


  1. Mmmmm... salmon!!
    You should feel like a hero, because you're putting in an amazing effort.
    Go super hero MUM!

  2. Thanks Jas - love the support (sorry you missed the salmon!).