Friday, July 23, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Five - small gain, bugger!

Jumped on the scales this morning after another vigorous (and chilly) early morning walk (without John, who stayed warm and snug in bed - support over?) - and to my horror I gained 200g (.2kg). Now 133 days and still 18.2kg to go!

One explanation is the two day constipation - although that has now been sorted. I was so proud of myself when on Wednesday the 10am call came over the intercom at work "cake lady in reception, cake lady in reception" - I picked up my phone and made a call, ignoring the stampede past my office to reception. (I have been known in the past to avail myself of said cake lady's wares - namely fresh anzac biscuits and orange and poppy seed cake!) Then yesterday, the 10am intercom call "fruit man in reception, fruit man in reception" - I trotted around to reception and bought a small $2 bag of mixed nuts (avoiding the plump looking mandarins). Ate about 10 during the course of the day - could this be the weight gain culprit?

Ate my rissole and 2 boiled eggs for lunch plus one yoghurt with bran for afternoon tea.

We did go to the pub for dinner with delightful neighbours PJ and Henry. I drove, and drank only iced water (no drama there) but did enjoy 6 oysters kilpatrick (culprit?) and a grilled chicken breast with 3 garlic prawns (the prawns?)

Still feeling motivated - but a bit disappointed with overall results - especially when I hear that some lose 4-6kg on the Attack Phase. Will start cruise phase tomorrow (Sat) but thinking seriously about giving Attack another two or 3 days next week. Also had a mild headache yesterday and again this morning. Not enough water? De-toxing?



  1. Oh dear... I think it might have been the nuts (I don't think they're allowed on Attack Phase, are they?). And if they were salty, you're probably just retaining water. Drink loads today, stick to protein only and you should get back on track.

  2. Thank you Dukanette - will do!

  3. Hi Susan!

    Nuts is what I eat to gain weight. Loads of kilojoules packed into a such tiny food source. If salted they would of definitely caused water retention

    About 50% fats and 500calories+ (2100 kilojoules) per 100grams. Sorry to say, but the mandarine would of been the better choice.