Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dukan Diet - Attack Phase Day Two

Woo! hoo! Weighed myself this morning - 400g lighter than yesterday (.4kg). Heading in the right direction! 136 days and only 18.6kg to go!

So yesterday - ate too much meatloaf and totally over it now. I took enough for two lunches to work - worried that I would feel like a snack and head downstairs to the vending machine. Ended up eating all the meatloaf during the day - but wasn't really hungry. Drank lots of herb tea and water.

Grilled chicken for dinner - (John's with potato mash and veges). Ate two small pieces and felt quite full. Had a low fat yoghurt after with bran in it. Emily cooked up a gorgeous looking chicken and cashew dinner - the smell of roasted cashews was sooo tempting!

Taking a piece of grilled chicken to work today and feel comfortable that I can have my yoghurt as a snack and not feel hungry.

It was harder to get up for a walk this morning - John had an early start so we were up at 5.30am. It rained overnight and I think I would have stayed in bed if John hadn't motivated me. Same walk as yesterday but did it in just under 30 minutes - so we picked up the pace a little. Felt like a hero for going - it was still dark outside!

My girls are 100% behind me and thank you to my pals who sent messages of encouragement.


  1. Forgot to mention that I am actually a little sore from the walking (I know, it was only 30 minutes - but we have hills by our house. Sore legs. Jasmine tells me this means I am challenging myself!

  2. Yes... its good you're sore.. it means you're working hard when you go walking! Keep it up... but make time for youself too.
    Love you