Monday, July 19, 2010

Dukan diet - Day One

A good friend put me onto the Dukan diet over a week ago - she lost 6kgs in 5 days. Sounded too good to be true - so I bought Dr Dukan's diet book and read it over the weekend. Skimmed it really - went straight to the why it works, followed by how to do it. Late yesterday checked out allowed food for the first 5 days and did a quick shop.

So I started Phase One today - the Attack phase. Only protein for 5 days. That's meat, meat and more meat. A few eggs and no fat yoghurt. Secret ingredient - oat bran. Three tablespoons per day. (It makes sense - no one wants all that meat sitting in the colon ...). Seafood is allowed too - fish, prawns etc. The trick is - only grilled or baked and NO OIL. (Oil and butter are lipids - dukaniests don't eat lipids).

So I made the Dukan meatloaf last night. Had it for dinner. No veges. (I slipped a little fresh basil from our garden in - as I have a huge problem with no 'green things' on my plate). It tasted OK. John had the meatloaf too - with mashed potato and honey soy carrots and beans - man that looked good on his plate! Fronted up for the meatloaf again for breakfast (it was a BIG meatloaf) - and made John a meatloaf sandwich for lunch. I had a small no fat yoghurt with half my bran allowance mixed, too. I have to say, I don't mind the bran. I sliced up the rest of the meatloaf and packed it for work. Dr Dukan says you can eat as much protein as you like in this phase - so I want plenty in the work fridge in case I get 'snacky'. Also have a yoghurt in the work fridge to put my bran in again.

My 17 year old daughter came home last night - opened the fridge - looked at the leftover meatloaf sitting plumply on it's plate, covered in gladwrap, and said "Eeuw, what is that brown thing in the fridge? You don't expect me to EAT that do you?" Of course not - she is a tall, lanky size 8-10. She can do without the darn meatloaf!

Dr Dukan also says we MUST walk 20 minutes each day in this phase - and boost up to 30 minutes in the next phase. Set the alarm for 5.50am - leapt out of bed (bloody cold, still dark) and bravely dressed for my walk. John, to his credit, said he would support me and got up too. We actually walked 30 minutes (so there!) - quite briskly and over a couple of hills and back. Definitely got my heart rate up, a little puffed and red faced (but that's a good thing, right?). Want to do the same walk in less than 30 minutes by the end of the week. I hope John will stick with me. (BTW : he wants to lose 10kg too - but refusing to go without veges .... and there is no way he will give up beer carbs!)


  1. OK - put this first post up and realise it is on USA time. It's actually 9.30am Monday morning 19th July, Aussie time.

  2. Good work Susan - keep up the posts and let us know how you go

  3. Thank you Darryn - you're fabulous! Appreciate the support!

  4. Great work MUM!
    What a good start! I'm so proud of you.... i definitely would not be wanting to eat the meatload (i agree with emily... yuck!)