Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - starting new countdown

Another three weeks have gone by and so much has happened, most of it has nothing at all to do with diet.

However, to stick with my theme - I finished my original 137 days with a 9.2kg loss. Not bad. Not great either. My biggest problem was sticking with the diet after the first 60 days, especially once I started at the gym as I seemed to need carbs on workout days.

I am starting a new countdown on January 1st, 2011. I am giving myself 100 days to lose 9kg, which should have me to "sex goddess" status by Easter (ok, that's getting a bit carried away - how about "fabulous 40ish"?)

Now for the news. Emily, my youngest, is moving to Finley, NSW ( where my parents live and where I grew up and went to school) on Jan 2nd for the year. She is studying Cert III in Child Care and will also work part time. She wants to be closer to Melbourne, for the fashion, and near my parents too as she is planning to go overseas in 2012 and may not see them for some time. She passed her Cert IV Fashion Design and is excited about being a country girl for the year! She says she is ready for Finley, but I am not sure whether Finley is ready for her!

My older daughter Jasmine finished her first year at UQ with distinctions and credits and is looking forward to another busy year. She is mo ing into a better Apartment with her own bathroom and just one room mate - she is delighted about that!

I am now contract Editing for Travelling in Australia Magazine, so can now work from home most of the time. I am stRting a new consulting business too, in January, so more about that shortly.

I am currently just starting back at the gym after almost two weeks absence, as Emily and I drove down to Finley dec 6-10, and after doing 3500km, hitting one magpie, near missing a kangaroo and hitting millions of locusts while navigating the floodwaters near Wagga - we were hit by a fast moving vehicle just 20 minutes from home. My car is a write-off (it was brand new this year!) and thankfully Emily was unhurt. However I suffered lots of bruising and contusions and a number of cracked ribs. Eleven days later my bruising is quite. Colorful but my ribs and back may take longer to heal. No heavy workouts for me, just walking at the moment and waiting for insurance e to replace my car. The driver that hit us was at fault, so no problems with the claim, but due to the time of year it may take another week or two for my new car to be ready.

Getting ready for Xmas has been a little harder due to this, but just thankful that my I injuries will heal, given time. Looking forward to a week at Hyatt Coolum over the break.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and new year!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dukan Diet - tried Bikram Yoga last night!

Apologies to readers of my blog - I have been offline for a couple of weeks. No excuse really - a slight change in working environment and busy with life, as usual.

First - the weight report. Now 9.2kg lost in 134 days - that's still a half kilo loss per week. While not on track with my original goal - I am still slowly losing weight AND maintaining a lifestyle that is sustainable. Now my original 137 day goal finishes in just 3 days - and I am only halfway to my 19 kg goal.

So, tomorrow being December 1st - I am re-setting my goal - to lose the remaining 9.5kg in 120 days - and that includes Christmas and New Year. So bring on April and the new, sleeker, Susan!!

In regards to my health - I feel great! I am enjoying the gym - averaging 5 mornings per week for around 50 minutes per session, alternating cardio and weights and trying to 'mix' that up a bit too. As far as the gym is concerned, I am in 'the zone'and my good habit is becoming a mild obsession. (So is the morning weigh-in).

I have a new chiropractor - Dr Aaron (and Dr Craig) at Parkwood. I still miss Dr John but his new practice is geographically inconvenient for me ... Amazing energy and great approach to overall wellness with these guys. Now Dr Aaron is also a yogi and heavily involved in Bikram Yoga. He talked me into going to the Bikram Yoga Centre in Southport yesterday afternoon as he was teaching a class. Now I don't know much about yoga - except that I am 48 and not very flexible and that I have never been able to effectively meditate due to a mind that does not stop, even when relaxing.

I had to google Bikram Yoga before I went - it is a 90 minute class in sauna-like conditions. I am not sure of the room temperature, but at a guess it must have been at least 45degrees (they don't tell you in their website - probably so no one gets too scared ...).

I was nervous about going and took Emily with me as she has been doing yoga and pilates at our gym (but not with the heat). Before we started Dr Aaron told me that my main goal should be to just stay in the room for the full 90 minutes - anything on top of that is a bonus.

Well - it started with a lot of breathing exercises (very good for the mild asthma I seem to get) then we went through the 26 asana positions (OK, I got that bit from the website). Whilst not able to fully extend in some positions and some problems with the flexibility in my knees - I DID THE WHOLE CLASS! I felt kind of heroic at the end - especially when we walked out into what would normally seem like a humid 26 degrees - and we actually felt cold after the heat in the yoga class!

There is a whole heap of info on their website about the benefits of heat with yoga - and I have to say, this is something I think I should try again. What a workout!

In other news - Emily is moving to my old home town of Finley for 2011 - to do her Cert III in Children's Services and to be close to Melbourne (for the shopping and fashion). A big step for her and I am going to miss her like mad. But it should be good ... OH, and she has passed her Cert IV in Fashion Design with flying colours this year!

Jasmine ahs also had a great year at Uni and with World Vision - clocking up close to 200 public speaking engagements in her role as World Vision Qld Youth Ambassador. Amazing. I heard her speak at her old school this morning and felt very, very proud!

So .. I promise to keep the blog going more frequently ...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dukan Diet - not so much on my birthday!

What a wonderful weekend! It was my birthday yesterday and I had an awesome weekend ... and it's not over yet as tonight I have dinner with my two beautiful daughters (so excited!). I received dozens of facebook birthday wishes and lots of phone calls. Emily called from Pacific fair and sang 'Happy Birthday' to me out loud, which was really cute! I spoke to Jasmine last night and can't wait to see her tonight.

Now, before I tell you how non-Dukan I was over the weekend - I will say that I still lost a little weight - now 8.2kg in 112 days! I am actually really pleased, as I expected to gain weight considering my naughti-ness!

We started with breakfast at Aqua on Saturday - although I did have two poached eggs, one piece of bacon and one piece of wholemeal taost (thick) with butter and a green tea. Then home we went, I thought for a chilled out day together. But no - pack your bag, said John, we're heading south. Off to Peppers Salt we went - in a one bedroom spa room with private plunge pool (the best). Early check in - so we headed off to the outdoor spa, then had a swim. The sun was out, it was just lovely. And for the first time I did not feel totally embarrassed wearing a swimsuit in public. OK, it's still not a hot look, but not embarrassing either. Then before I knew it, John was walking me over to Golden Door - he had booked a massage, just for me! Gorgeous aromatherapy massage, floated out to reception and John was there waiting to walk me back to our room. There was knock on the door and champagne and birthday card arived from hotel management (very, very nice, thank you). John had the spa ready and in we went with the champagne.

Now those of you who know me, will know that I am not a big drinker. In fact I have hardly touched alchohol at all for months (one glass of champers on Melb Cup day) - and champagne has a tendency to go straight to my head. So there we were, relaxed and happy, drinking champers in the bath. Then I became relaxed and chatty, then just chatty ... then the bottle was finished and I was downright giggly - plus all we had had since breakfast was a few pretzels and it was now time to get ready for dinner. John said I was very funny ...

Dinner at Season at the hotel was lovely, once I ate something I started to feel 'normal' again. I did not drink with dinner (not willing to push it, who wants a headache on their brthday?) We had two courses, although not huge, it was more than I would normally eat. I had goat loin for main course (yes, goat is the new lamb)!

A lovely day, gorgeous weather, lots of surprises. The next morning we had breakfast by the pool - I had poached eggs again .. and a hash brown ... and a piece of bacon ... and two pieces of (thin) dark bread toast. We organised a 4pm check-out, so had the whole day to relax. Back in the room John gave me a lovely romantic card and a bottle of Chanel! Noice! Jumped back into our swim gear and headed to the big pool for a couple of hours. Swimming, sunning, reading in the shade. All good. John had a couple of beers by the pool, I stuck with soda water, but got hungry around 1pm and had a small serve of salt and pepper calamari by the pool. Consumed it then felt very guilty. John did not eat - he had a much bigger breakfast than I.

Finally we checked out and headed home, relaxed, tired and a little sunburnt. Got the washing done then headed off to our favourite Italian restaurant (John said I should not cook on my birthday) and had garlic pizza AND an entree ravioli. I haven't had pasta in over 3 months. By this stage I thought I would have gained a kilo ... but I jumped up at 5.15am today and went to do a really vigoous cardio workout - and I still weighed in at 8.2kg lost. Yay! I'm crediting the extra efforts I made last week with diet and gym.
Goal for this week - 9kg by the weekend.

Dinner tonight is at Hogs Breath - so I will go for a small steak (I need that protein fix) and salad. Maybe two curly fries ... Can't wait!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dukan Diet - I hate it when it stalls!

Again, almost two weeks since my last blog (sorry) and not much to report. Still stuck on 8kg loss - in fact it has fluctuated by about 400g during this time too. So frustrating! My goal was to reach 10kg lost by my birthday (Sunday 7th November) but it is obvious that is not going to happen in the next 3 days. In fact I will now be happy if I can get to 8.5kg and delirious if I hit 9kg.

So, currently 8kg lost in 108 days - that's 15 weeks folks - so still a loss of over half a kilo per week. Not bad. Not fantastic either. My original goal to lose 19kg in 137 days has been completely blown out of the water. In fact I only have 29 days left for my original task. Based on the way I have been tracking I should reach 10 - 11kg lost by then. I sound like I'm whinging, but on reflection it is still a great amount of weight lost! I have changed my eating habits significantly and have established an exercise regime that I enjoy! Go figure. And I will keep going. I will re-set my goals at the end of this task and puch on through the holidays. It's a lifestyle now.

One of my lovely followers has told me that she was motivated by my blog and has lost 5.5kg herself - so impressive and I believe she has done it quite a bit faster than I have. I will ask her for tips! It's also nice to know that my weight loss journey has impacted on at least one other person.

Last time I blogged about my impending visit to Gwinganna Health Retreat. It is an outstanding, astonishing, awesome place. I've been to a few health retreats in the past - but this place is a knock-out. OK, its not cheap - but everything is included and they run about two staff per one guest. The Spa is the best I have ever been to. I had the most gorgeous hydrating facial on the first day and a hot stone massage on the second. We were on an 'indulge' weekend - so the meals were healthy, yet plentiful and very tasty. On other programs, such as a detox, the meals vary to suit. I tried some new things - like deep water running both mornings and did a pump class followed by boxing on Saturday. Also early morning thai chi was invigorating! The property is set on about 160 acres in the Gold Coast hinterland and the accommodation is spectacular. Susie and I stayed in 'Peel House' high on a ridge - a private cottage with a king bed and ensuite each with a shared living area between. We had little golf buggies to get around in as we were quite a long way from the facilities. Susie drove most of the time - she does a great Stirling Moss impression in a golf buggy - hilarious! I would like to go back - actually we boeth would - and take our blokes next time. Lots of fun. I didn't lose or gain weight during my stay ...

This week has been a bit tricky diet wise - we had a Melbourne Cup function here at work on Tuesday and the nibblies were not really healthy choices. I didn't have much - and one glass of champagne - but it still upset my diet balance. I am taking Jasmine to lunch today - Thai - and have a World Vision awards night to go to in Brisbane tonight with Emily for Jasmine. Last year it was finger food, so I am going to try to have a reasonable lunch and yoghurt before I go, so I won't eat more than a couple of things tonight. Jasmine will be recognised tonight for her work this year as Queensland Youth Ambassador, so I am looking forward to it.

Then, my birthday on Sunday - John is taking me to dinner on Saturday night - not sure where - but I like surprises!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dukan Diet - Yay! 8kg milestone reached!

A good start to the morning - I reached my 8kg milestone - so that's 8kg lost in 95 days, with another 11kg to lose in just 42 days. I know that I'm not going to reach my original goal of 19kg in 137 days - but I should be somewhere around 12-13kg down in that time. I will push on past the original date to reach my goal - why not? I'm on a roll!

I did not go to the gym this morning - I had an early appointment with new chiropractor (LOVE my old Chiro but just cannot get there during his opening hours, so have changed to John's Chiro who is very close to home and opens before and after work). He told me that, considering the trauma my body has been through (two quite serious acidents in my 20's and 30's) that my spine is in quite good shape. He adjusted my neck and I need to think about a better chair to use at work, which may help recurring problems.

I am off this afternoon with my friend Susie to Gwinganna health retreat. Really looking forward to it! Watch out for Monday's blog!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - another small loss - almost to 8kg!

I was working toward an 8kg loss by yesterday - but still not there this morning. Currently 7.8kg. I missed the gym yesterday as I went to a Rotary breakfast (tried to choose low-fat options) and also had a small Thai meal on Tuesday night with Jasmine.

John and I went to the pub for dinner last night - I had a 300g eye fillet, grilled, and salad and stole four chips from John's plate! However - I headed back to the gym early this morning and did a really hard cardio workout which left me hot, sweaty and heroic!

Planning a very healthy day today - with lots of protein and minimum fat and carbs - so with luck I will hit my target tomorrow morning.

In addition - I am heading to a gorgeous health retreat in the hinterland called Gwinganna tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, with my friend Susie. We will do thai chi, walking, aqua aerobics and all sorts of healthy activities. The meals will be low-calorie and nutritious AND I have booked a massage and facial while there. Total pampering, girls weekend! With luck I will lose a kilo over the weekend and maybe start Monday 9kgs down (will I make it a goal?)

Just over two weeks to my birthday and I want to break the 10kg mark by then. I plan to celebrate a little - perhaps a glass of champagne? And, once the 10kg target is reached I want to buy a couple of outfits .... shopping should be much more fun these days!

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dukan Diet - another loss, yay!

Despite an overnight stay at the beautiful Sheraton Main Beach on Friday night - including seafood buffet dinner and totally delicious buffet breakfast - I still managed to lose weight over the weekend.

I have now lost 7.7kg in 91 days - with 11.3kg and 46 days to go! My goal is to hit 8kg lost by mid-week.

We also went to an Indian restaurant for dinner on Saturday night- but I was careful not to over-indulge and we had a really healthy day yesterday with a very light dinner.

I had a great cardio workout at the gym this morning, which I am sure helped too!

I saw a recipe in the Sunday papers yesterday for grilled chicken on silverbeet, garlic & pine nuts - it looks healthy and John has an abundance of silverbeet growing in the backyard - so I am cooking this tonight.

Oh - the haircut last Thursday - not so good. The colour was wrong - a little lighter but not what I asked for - however it looks OK. But the cut - I ended up with a mullet (nothing like I asked for) and had to go to another hairdresser on Saturday to get it fixed - which also meant going much shorter than I would normally be comfortable with. However although short, it is a good cut and will grow out quite nicely.

We spent a couple of hours at our neighbours house yesterday afternoon, having a few drinks (water for me) and chatting and John pllayed guitar a little. Lots of fun. The nicest bit, however, was PJ telling me that I looked great, much slimmer, and she LOVES the short hair (told me I looked younger). However, I will temper this by saying she may have had a glass of wine at this point! It still left me with a warm glow!

Will hit 8kg loss this week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dukan gal does pilates

I had to write a quick blog today to tell you about my very first pilates class last night. I learned a lot:-
1. I am not very flexible
2. My lower back doesn't work the way it is supposed to
3. I have no chance, ever, of doing the one where your left leg is bent and your left foot is somewhere near your right ear (if I could do that John would be the happiest bloke in town!)
4. When I think of this during class I get the giggles, which gives Emily the giggles, which gives her friend Pip the giggles - which mildy annoys the teacher.

My weight was the same today as yesterday - but that happens quite often.

Heading to the hairdresser for new 'do' after work - going lighter and maybe shorter. There could be tears.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wow! Another 400g weight loss in 3 days!

Good Morning! I was so excited this morning when I weighed in - that I had to write another blog today! I was down 400g (.4kg) this morning - so now 7.4kg lost in 86 days, with 51 days and 11.6kg to go!

It seems that my morning carbs and protein, followed by protein and salad or vegetables the rest of the day is working. So is going to the gym each day. I was hungry before dinner last night, so I had a small mandarin, just to 'tide me over'.

No gym this morning as I attended a Rotary breakfast - I was careful to choose fresh fruit followed by one egg and grainy toast. I have rice crackers (about 20) and a small portion of hommus for a snack this morning, followed by lean silverside and fresh salad. I have another mandarin and a low fat yoghurt for the afternoon - as I am planning to go to the gym after work (I may attend my first pilates class with daughter Emily) - then I will just have a small vegetable soup after gym for dinner.

I'm a bit worried about the pilates class - I am so un-coordinated that I am scared I will embarrass myself. Emily tells me we can stay in the back and just go at our own pace. However, she has been doing this class for weeks ...

Oh ... and I need to tell you about my pants. (Have any of you seen Eat Love Pray where they mention 'Big Lady Pants'? - think of me!) My favourite work pants (Liz Jordan) black pinstripe, size 14 and have always been 'snug' are now so loose that they :- 1. drag on the ground even in my highest boots because I have less 'booty' these days; 2. are so loose that I can take them off without undoing them.

John saw me getting changed after work yesterday - I just slid the pants off - and he is now pestering me to buy 'interim' pants as he is worried they may just 'fall down' at work! I have been wanting to wait until I reach my goal to treat myself to a new wardobe - but I may have to concede and buy a couple of outfits for work.

Having fun, feeling good and well set to reach my goal of 8kg lost by just after the weekend (if not sooner).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Small diet success - 7kg lost!

I had a great week and weekend of dieting and gym - and reached my 7kg target on Sunday morning! Yay! So, still 12kg to go and only 52 days - at my current rate I will lose another 5kg by D-day. However - this is still a great result and I will keep going - set new targets - to get the remaining weight off. And I haven't been totally 'good' and sticking to it. The odd piece of chocolate on occasions and I had a sliver of birthday cake at the office yesterday (my first in 12 weeks) as it was mid afternoon, I didn't have anything for a snack, and it was there. I thought it was better to have a small piece and not go home starving.

I find I have more energy and less hunger or cravings, even though I eat less than I used to. More frequently, but smaller portions. This journey (12 weeks so far) has also made me think differently about food - or perhaps LESS about food.

I had Uncle Tobys nutty oats for breakfast and one slice of burgen bread with a scrape of butter. I just have trouble getting protein in at breakfast some days (eggs are great at the weekend, but I don't always feel like them during the week). Carbs first thing seem to help me get started - then I stick to protein and salad for the rest of the day, generally.

John only came twice to the gym last week - he is just not motivated to do it at the moment. No point me nagging him to join when he's not totally into it. I admit I'm a bit disappointed - it would be fun to go together. However he is watching me getting results and I think he will start walking or swimming when the weather warms up - plus we need to get our bikes out again on fine weekends.

Next target - 8kgs - by this time next week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Not so Dukan Diet - 6.7kg lost in 78 days!

I can't believe it is two weeks since my last blog! Currently 6.7kg lost in 78 days - 59 days to go and still 12.3kg to lose.

Why have I been so quiet? Is it because I have only lost 300g (.3kg) in the last two weeks? Perhaps. And work has been busy. And my personal life has been hectic.

Only 300g in two weeks ... I hear you mutter. Well .... during this time I gained almost 1kg - only to work hard to lose it again .... and a little more. I stopped following the Dukan Diet to the letter. I've developed my own diet that IS working for me. The weight gain was due to a couple of nights out where I even ate dessert (shock! horror!) However, I think I needed a break - I had been so strict that I felt I deserved a little relaxation on the diet. We shared a packet or red rock chips over two weekends of football AND I had some dark chocolate this week too. It was a treat and I am over it now, which is great!

Now, the good news. Getting the extra kg off, plus some, took only a week when I focussed on it. I am making great use of my mornings at Fenix gym in Nerang - now doing cardio 3 mornings and weights 2 mornings. John came with me yesterday (amazing!) because I organised a 'free' week for him to try the gym. He didn't come this morning but tells me he will come again tomorrow. There is no point pushing him - he shouldn't join if he is not motivated.

Now to the diet. Contrary to Dukan law - I DO have carbs in the morning. At the moment one serve of Uncle Toby's nutty oats with a tablespoon of bran and light milk, followed by one slice of grainy bread or muffin with honey or a smear of butter and vegemite. Alternate days I have two eggs and one piece of toast. It stops me feeling light headed in the mornings.

Then for a work snack I have been bringing in celery sticks - sometimes by themselves and some days with a small amount of hommus. Lunch is either tuna in springwater or a green salad with protein. John made a great meatloaf last night - so I have brought that in for lunch - plus the celery for a snack. My afternoon snack is generally a small no fat yoghurt. As John is starting to watch his diet and is moving towards starting his own weight loss journey, we have been having lighter dinners. Minestrone or tomato soup (home made). John has a bread roll with his. We have a cup of tea later (I usually have a herb tea at night). With the four small meals already during the day, I am finding it easy to eat a wholesome, nutritious but calorie light dinner. If I'm hungry after dinner I have another yoghurt. And water - I am drinking more water.

This seems to be working for me. If we do go out for dinner (apart from the two nights I ate a dessert) I generally have grilled fish or eye fillet steak with green salad. We don't have soup every night - but, like last night, we had the meatloaf John made with green vegetables. He also had some mashed potato but I noticed he had less on his plate than usual ... good for him!

My goal this week is to reach the 7kg LOST mark. By Saturday. Next stop 8kg.

Back to work now ...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - is it just me, or is it getting easier?

Good morning - again, sorry no blog for a few days - I have been under the pump a bit at work and the weekend was super busy.

Weigh in results today : 64 days and 6.4kg loss - now 74 days and 12.6kg to go!

I actually hit this milestone on Saturday morning (6.4kg loss) and was REALLY excited! However the weekend was tricky - with a BBQ dinner on Saturday night. John barbecued steak (eye fillet for the girls) and I made two salads - one of them a pasta pesto with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts, a green salad with olives, semi dried tomatoes and avocado AND crunchy roast potatoes. While I did not have a dinner roll (like John and our guests), I DID have a small portion of potatoes and pasta salad as well as some of the green salad. After that the strawberries soaked in mead with creamy ice cream seemed OK, as well as a glass of red wine AND a Baileys on ice. VERY NAUGHTY, but delicious!

I should not have been surprised when my weight went back up 400g on Sunday morning. I made a lovely vegetable omelette and crispy bacon (for John) - but sneaked a piece of bacon myself. Then off to a Rotary lunch at the Marriott Hotel. One glass of wine, small portion of main course and a little fresh fruit for desert. I avoided the petite sweets ... just.

It gets worse - Sunday night John barbecued some lean beef sausages which we had with the left over salads (again with the pesto pasta ...). I had TWO sausages followed by a herb tea.

So yesterday I went to the gym at my usual early hour and did a big weights session - came back to a 100g loss (yay!) Had a great day yesterday, food wise. Stuck to the attack menu - including Dukan meatloaf last night (which I have for lunch today) - and after a big cardio session at the gym this morning I am back to Saturday morning's record breaking weight loss!

Despite all that - it isn't actually that hard. I don't beat myself up if I have a little slip up or treat once a week or so - and seem to be able to shift the weight a bit easier too. I am hoping that I will increase my weight loss ratio, per week, over the next few weeks. Logic tells me that the diet and gym should be helping to kick-start my metabolism, so in theory it should get easier/faster for a while. I know that when I get closer to my ideal weight it may get hard again.

I read another interesting thing the other day - if you have been at a consistent weight for a few years - which I have - initially your body wants to keep taking you back to that weight. But after a while it gets re-programmed to accept the lesser weight as 'normal' .... I love this theory - lets see how it works!

Feeling pumped - planning to hit the 7kg loss mark by the weekend. I have to be careful - as I am taking my daughter Jasmine to dinner tonight (seafood, which is always a good choice) AND I am catching up with gal pals Susie and Irene to see a play at the Arts Centre on Thursday night titled "Often I find that I am naked" and we are having dinner first.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dukan Diet - just broke 6kg weight loss! Woo hoo!

A great start to the day - headed off to the gym at my usual early hour - did a cardio session and took some good advice (thank you John) and did 12 minutes at each station instead of 10. This pushed my heart rate up over 170, which really seemed to make a difference. I was sweaty and smelly on my return, but triumphant!

So ... wait for it ... 6.2kg lost in 59 days, 12.8kg to go in 79 days! That's right ... OVER 6kg! To be honest, this is now officially the lightest I have been in 20 years! Next goal - 10kg!

I ate well yesterday - had cajun grilled salmon for dinner with about 6 calamari pieces. John had crumbed snapper with calamari and chips ... followed by a cup of tea and sao biscuits with tomato and cheese on top ... which he ate in front of me.

So it really does come down to Energy In, Energy Out. Getting the balance right.

So I had porridge for breakfast and a toasted split muffin. I seem to need some carbs in the morning after gym. I have brought celery sticks in for a snack and have tuna in springwater for lunch - as I am meeting my pal Susie and my daughter Emily for dinner and a movie at the Arts Centre tonight. I am not sure what is on the Cafe menu, so I have to make sure I choose well and make tomorrow a total protein day.

Note to self: I must not let Susie lure me with chocolate or ice cream, I must not let Susie lure me with chocolate or ice cream, I must not ....

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dukan Diet - it works if you stick with it!

Another sunny Gold Coast day, another early start at the gym - weights today - and another small weight loss! Total loss = 5.6kg in 58 days, 79 days and 13.4kg to go!

I enjoyed my lean chicken last night - but feel I overate a little. I was hungry. I had two small pieces with steamed carrots and zuchini AND a very small amount of baked potato. My bad.

I got home from work a little late and cut three small potatoes up into teeny, tiny pieces so they would cook quickly, which I baked. John had the lion's share, but it looked and smelt too good to pass up. Had I NOT had it - my loss overnight may have been more substantial!

Then, after my weights session this morning I was (again) hungry. John cooked two fried eggs (non stick pan, no oil) but I was still hungry after that .... so I cooked a piece of multigrain toast and had a scraping of butter on it.

I brought some celery sticks to work for a morning snack and the rest of the Dukan meatloaf for lunch. I have yoghurt for afternoon snack. Not sure about dinner tonight - may get some fish to grill.

Still hoping to reach 6kg lost by the weekend - so I have to stop the naughty stuff. Also, I am going to dinner and movie with a friend tomorrow night - I have to make sure I make VERY HEALTHY choices.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dukan Diet - back on track!

It's been a week since my last blog. What happened? I hear you asking. It just got hard. It's been eight weeks of strict dieting with very little deviation and the last month at the gym as well. Yet I seemed to reach a plateau in the last two weeks that saw very little downward movement in weight and even a little upward movement after a dinner out and a naughty crumpet the next day.


I felt I had nothing positive to blog and didn't want to admit how much I was struggling with it all. It's just been such a long journey so far, and I really thought I would be at around 7-8kg loss by now. But here I am, 57 days gone, 80 days to go and just 5.5kg weight loss.

That leaves 13.5kg to go.

On this ratio I will only lose another 8kg by my goal date. Can I live with that? Can I continue the diet through the christmas period to reach my goal, a little later, but still reached? I will have to still diet over the holidays or I will put the weight back on. Dinner out and crumpet chaser proved that.

Just suck it up Susan.

Having said all that - I do feel much better physically and emotionally, having lost 5.5kg. My clothes are a little looser. Another 3kg and I will allow myself a shopping expedition - something to look forward to!

I am doing well at the gym - have changed from 3 x cardio and 2 x weights sessions to the reverse. Weights Mon/Wed/Fri and cardio Tues/Thurs. I am adding ten minutes to the cardio program on Thursday - does it really make any difference if I get up at 5.10am or 5.20am? And I am adding the ten minutes to the weights session, by ending with a little cardio. Common sense (and Ryan) tell me to mix it up a little so my body gets shocked/surprised.

So cardio this morning - followed by a shower then a breakfast of : 1 x barocca and vitamins, 1 x protein shake with banana - which once mixed with water and crushed ice made about 3 glasses of shake. John ate crumpets with butter and vegemite in front of me. I was a little jealous but made lots of "yummm" noises while drinking my shake - just to keep myself smiling. He declined my offer of a glass of shake ...

I cooked the Dukan meatloaf last night with celery, onion, carrot, tomato, mushroom and bran in it. (John doesn't know about the bran - he had two helpings last night and I put some in a sandwich today for him to take to work). Interesting! (He had mashed potato and silverbeet with his).

Emily came home from the gym - looked in the fridge - looked at me and said "I'm not eating the brown stuff". I had sushi hiding behind it for her. Huge relief on her face.

I have celery sticks for my mid-morning snack and meatloaf for lunch plus a yoghurt for afternoon snack. I am planning lean chicken and salad for dinner.

Fingers crossed - this week I want to break the 6kg mark.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dukan Diet - I now have a gym buddy

Daughter Emily (17) came to Fenix gym with me last night to organise a free trial - she really liked the place and now has a 7 day trial. She was so motivated that she asked me to wake her when I got up at 5.20am, so that she could come with me. It was fun having her there - although she wore a torn "Frankie says relax" t-shirt which copped lots of looks and a few smiles....

We did cardio this morning - although I had to get Emi started on each machine ... she loved it and is coming again in themorning to do weights.

No change with weight the last couple of days - the plateaus really cheese me off - as I stick to the diet and go to the gym ... and then with no warning whatsoever I will drop 400g. Weird.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dukan Diet - finding my inner goddess, at last!

It was a little hard to get up at 5.20am this morning - part of me just wanted to snuggle in to my permanent blokey hot water bottle for a little longer, but I thought,"if I get up and go to the gym, it may mean another small loss, so just do it!"

So I got up and went to the gym - did a weights workout with a little treadmill at the start and bike at the end. Fenix has a few bikes upstairs in the weights area that have a 'virtual reality' program. First time for me and it is really motivating to be 'racing' the clock and other riders. Fun! I am a competitor, by nature!

Then home to the scales and woo! hoo! - another small loss of just 100g (.1kg) - but now I am 5.4kg down with only 13.6kg to go in 87 days. I had a small porridge with oatbran this morning and half a toasted muffin with vegemite. It seems I need the carbs after the gym. I had left-over Dukan recipe meatloaf for lunch (made John a meatloaf sandwich to take to work) and will have just protein tonight. And maybe a green tea while I watch Packed to the Rafters ...

Oh - I started this blog with "finding my inner goddess" - and guess what? It seems that losing 5kg makes a difference. My work pants are all a little loose - my favourite pair are dragging on the ground slightly, even with my high heel boots on - as I guess my ass/hips are slightly smaller so they hang a little lower. My upper body shape seems to have changed too - it's, er, more shapely. And the tops of my legs now look more like legs than tree stumps .... how will I feel after another 5kg?????

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dukan Diet - 5.3kg lost in 7 weeks!

At the start of this journey I seriously wondered how I was going to stick to such a strict diet AND lose 19kg in 137 days.

I have stuck to the diet, largely, with a few notable exceptions - and in seven weeks (49 days) have lost 5.3kg. Not bad - an average of  .75kg per week! Now 88 days and 13.7kg to go! Based on my current rate of weight loss - this would mean only another 10kg will be lost, leaving me almost 4kg short of my goal. To achieve my goal I now need to lose an average of 1kg per week. Sounds tough!

So I need to focus on the diet and make sure I am really utilising the gym at least 4 times per week. Last week I only went twice, due to bronchitis and work commitments.

I also relaxed just a little at the weekend - I ate a very small amount of hot chips at Hogs Breath on Saturday AND I had a sausage at Riverfire on Saturday night. I also had a hot chocolate (skinny) and a cappucino (skinny) at the weekend. This has to stop!

I had porridge and a toasted muffin this morning for breakfast - after 45 minute cardio workout at the gym. I SHOULD have had eggs, but just did not feel like them. Bad girl! I have had tuna for lunch and currently devouring a yoghurt with bran. I prepared a Dukan meatloaf last night, to have for dinner tonight. I will also bring some in for lunch tomorrow at work.

Wish me luck - it's been 7 weeks, only 13 to go - I can do it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dukan Diet - another loss, woo! hoo!

Good Morning peeps!

Had a great day - diet wise - yesterday - finishing the day with cajun grilled salmon steak for dinner. Thank you Attack Phase - I now have only 91 days and 13.7kg to go! Thats a total loss of 5.3kg in 46 days.

Started today with a business breakfast - stuck to the scrambled eggs, mushrooms and tomato. I am hoping daughter Jasmine will drop by my office for lunch as I haven't packed any - possibly a salad somewhere local.

I wasn't able to go to the gym this morning due to the early meeting in Currumbin - so hoping to fit in a push bike ride along the broadwater on Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dukan Diet - a weekend in wine country!

Good morning! It's been five days since I blogged - so much has happened. I am still unwell (bronchitis, apparently) but pushing through.

We shot down to the Hunter Valley, via Sydney, for the weekend (Sat-Mon) with friends and as I suspected, I put on a little weight. We attended two cellar door tastings on Saturday, another on Sunday and a final one on Monday. We ate out - I had chips for the first time in 6 weeks ... and wine ... and port .... and once I had already consumed those things having a little chocolate macadamia fudge seemed harmless .... oh, and there were two hot chocolates (skinny, huh!) and one of those had a giant marshmellow with it. Did I eat it, you ask? YES I DID! So there!

Feeling a little panicky on return late Monday night and set alarm for a session at the gym yesterday morning - but when it went off at 5.20am my bronchitis advised me to stay in bed for an extra hour. The weigh in : gained 1.5kg. My response : *&%#*! (loudly).

So yesterday - back to Dukan Diet Attack Phase : two scrambled eggs with basil and little cheese for breakfast, tuna in springwater for lunch followed by no fat yoghurt with bran for afternoon snack. Eye fillet for dinner. Green tea and water.

Weigh in this morning - now only .5kg over (lost 1kg yesterday, yay!) - went to the gym at 5.30am (despite still feeling icky) and had porridge with light milk for breakfast. I have raw salad (celery, carrot, capsicum, cucumber) and hard boiled eggs for lunch. I am having dinner with Jasmine in Brisbane tonight at a thai restaurant - so will choose a thai salad rather than my usual satay. Will go Attack Phase again on Thursday and should be back to the 5kg lost by Friday, at latest.

So right now - 92 days and 14.5kg to go!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dukan Diet - total weight loss 5kg in 40 days!

Good Morning All! Rowing at the gym is obviously working - plus I stuck to diet very well yesterday. Total weight loss now 5kg in just 40 days - and 97 days and only 14kg to go!

Still unwell however - head cold now moving to chesty cough. I really want to shake this thing off as I don't want it to spoil my weekend in the Hunter Valley.

It's a public holiday on the gold coast - so no gym this morning as it was only opening 8am - 4pm and I still have to be at work. I had thought to get up early and go for a walk - but the head cold and cough talked me into staying in bed until 6.30am.

Our scheduled conference finishes at 1pm today - so I am not sure if that means we will get an early mark or whether we still have to put in the full day - hoping for an early mark.

Now that I have lost even more weight this week and I am doubly determined to be careful over the weekend to not put any back on. (However, getting editorial together for a feature on 'best wine and food trails' makes it somewhat awkward not eat or taste wine ....!!)

Wish me luck! I won't blog again until Tuesday ... enjoy your weekends and stay strong!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dukan Diet - overnight weight loss! Yay!

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place ... I've been dieting now for 39 days and going to the gym for two weeks ... I had hit a pateau but kept at it - and this morning the scales showed a 300g (.3kg) loss. Now only 98 days and 14.6kg to go! Total loss to date - 4.4kg.

It made getting up at 5.05am (seriously!) to go to the gym worth it - as I had to be at work early today. I did a good caardio workout and actually rowed for 10 minutes - around 1.8km - which is the longest I have been able to go. (I usually get to 5 or 6 minutes and swap to the bike or treadmill).

I had porridge and one piece of grainy toast for breakfast (I seem to need carbs after cardio). I have tuna in springwater for lunch and will have grilled salmon for dinner - so all good!

Work has been a bit high pressure this week - with our bi-annual sales conference. I had to do a 'pitch' to the bosses this morning - it went OK, not brilliant. They gave me some tips (which were good, actually) and I have to do another one in a couple of weeks. We have a new sales rep (Nabs) in our Melbourne office to work 75% on frankie and 25% on Travelling in Australia Mag - she sat in on the pitch and was really helpful. We are putting some stuff together today/tomorrow before she returns to Melb which should not only help me knock 'em dead next time, but should boost revenue sales too. Exciting stuff!

The good news is that TIAM 125 (my second issue as Editor) - came back from printer yesterday and my boss told me that it was even better than my first one. (I needed some brownie points from somewhere today!)

I am heading off to the Hunter Valley - Sat-Mon - partly for work and partly a getaway with John and another couple. Looking forward to it vut have to make sure I am careful with my diet (and drinks).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dukan Diet - head cold but still went to the gym!

Feeling very heroic this morning - not only was it cold and dark at 5.30am but I have a shocking head cold and have blown my nose so much in the night that it is shining like Rudolph's this morning - AND I WENT TO THE GYM! Yup, 5.30 am - hit the weights circuit plus a little cardio to warm up and warm down.

The only problem was - my weight was still -4.1kg when I went to the gym, it usually drops a couple of points when I return - BUT NO, this morning it went UP 200g after the gym. What the ...? I did drink around 600ml of water at the gym - but damn! Not counting it - choosing the first weigh in before the gym. So now 99 days and 14.9kg to go! So there.

We have a conference at work today until Friday. I'm making a presentation/pitch tomorrow to the big boss. Hoping he doesn't mind a box of tissues as a prop. If this thing wasn't on I would have taken a sick day - I'm feeling that poorly. I've been here six months and had one day off for a big dentist thing, but no sickies. (I know Jasmine is going to comment that I never let them have a day off school unless they were bleeding from the eyes and that I should just 'suck it up'). I'm here Jas, just whinging a little.

However, feeling lousy should help me stick to the diet - as I had scambled eggs this morning and not feeling much like anything except green tea and lots of water. Butter menthol would be good - I'll see if anyone has some ...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dukan Diet - another plateau!

Attempts to speed up my metabolism do not seem to be getting me far! I have gained 100g (.1kg) today - but stuck to my diet well yesterday. Now just 100 days and 14.9kg to go!  I am really worried that I am not going to achieve my goal, at this rate. I understand perfectly that my weight went up a little at the weekend due to the inclusion of the pavlova piece ... but Sunday I was back on track and the scales went back down. I stuck to the diet yesterday too - with just protein all day.

I did not go to the gym yesterday morning due to a sore throat and asthma overnight - however I "sucked it up" this morning and did 40 mins of cardio - had two eggs for breakfast AND a piece of Bakers Delight Cape Seed bread, toasted, with a small amount of butter (a scaping, really) and vegemite. Further reading and advice has suggested that carbs ARE NECESSARY, especially with increased exercise - but only have them before 12 noon. So I thought the toast was OK.

I have also increased my water intake as I realise I don't always get to my 8 glasses each day - especially during the hours I am at work. When I went to the doctor on Saturday for a very sore throat - my blood pressure was low (I have always had 'perfect' blood pressure) - it was 97 over 67. She suggested I drink more water and include carbs in the morning hours too.

I have brought a small portion of lean mince with tinned tomatos to work for lunch, as well as no fat yoghurt. I DO have trouble fitting in a mid-morning snack, so perhaps I am not feeding the metabolism enough? I usually have the yoghurt in the afternoon - around 3.30pm I get a bit hungry. Dinner is already organised tonight - I made a beef stew (with approved veges) in the slow cooker overnight - so John will put it back on when he gets home from work - it should be all ready for me by the time I get home!

I will continue with the gym this week and stick to the diet, with the exception of good carbs in the morning if I feel I need it. I did cardio this morning so tomorrow is weights day. Cardio again on Thursday. Friday is a public holiday here - although I am working - so the gym opens later and I am not sure if I will be able to go before work.

We have a sales conference here including our Sydney and Melbourne teams from Wed - Fri and latest issue of Travelling in Australia Magazine arrives from printer this afternoon (yay!!) I am heading to the Hunter Valley over the weekend - I have Monday off - with John and another couple - partly for business and partly for work. I am a little worried about diet while away ...
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dukan Diet - 101 days and 14.8kg to go!

I haven't blogged for a few days, mostly due to a really hectic couple of days at work and a very busy weekend. I broke diet a little, however, to my detriment - as I am just now back to what I was four days ago. I had toast on two mornings - I just NEEDED to. But the worst offence was at a BBQ on Saturday night - I was offered pavlova with lashings of cream - and I ATE it. Didn't hesitate. Just ate the whole thing. Then I had two pieces of some delicious coconut chocolate .... bad, bad, bad.

So the scales went up slightly over the weekend - but had a great day yesterday and they are back down to last Thursday's record - 4.2kg lost. I missed gym this morning too - have picked up a cold/chest infection which has set off some asthma episodes - leaving me coughing and struggling for breath during the night - so not much sleep. When the alarm went off at 5.20am I told myself it was OK to stay in bed for an extra hour and try to rest.

I will stick to my diet again today and hopefully will have recovered enough to hit the gym in the morning - so all back on track.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dukan Diet - working for me!!

Pumped today! Headed off to Fenix gym at 5.30am - did a cardio workout this morning. Calculate that I burnt around 300 calories in 40 minutes. AND MY WEIGHT HAS DROPPED FURTHER. Could my metabolism have finally started working more efficiently? Total loss = 4.2kg in 32 days. Now only 105 days and 14.8kg to go! Woo, hoo!

Had a great dinner last night with my parents, John and Emily. Had mini lamb roasts from Cav's butcher - yumm! I usually worry a little about these because they are a little more fatty than steak or other cuts. It was a bit tricky watching everyone else butter their dinner rolls before we ate - but I focussed on the benefits of sticking to the diet. No entree, no dessert. All good.

I had a small amount of carbs this morning after the gym - small porridge with light milk followed by one slice of cape seed bread toast (OK, I caved - I've been dying to taste it!) with a smidge of butter and some vegemite. It tasted good - satisfied the craving. I've got tuna again for lunch. Should be OK.

I've got meetings at 11am and 2pm at work today - so Emily has swapped cars with me to take Mum and Dad to the bus in the afternoon - hysterical driving her teeny tiny smart car down the freeway .... and of course she gave it to me on empty. Pulled in to get fuel but could not work out how to get the little fuel tank thingee open. There's a trick to it. So driving on empty. She has now shared the secret so I will fill up after work. Heading to the hairdresser for cut and colour after work - I have a BBQ on Saturday and baby shower on Sunday to go to - got to hide the grey! Hope to catch up with Jasmine this evening too - maybe a spot of shopping later.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 31 - Total loss = 4kg! Yay!

Had a great afternoon/evening with John and my parents. Pub dinner (no alchohol for me) and a delicious 300g eye fillet steak with salad. Tasty and filling! Up again at 5.20am and dashed off to the gym, this time to do weights - although I started with five minutes on the treadmill and finished with another 10 minutes on the treadmill. Jumped on the scales and discovered another loss - now only 106 days and 15kg to go!

I had scrambled eggs for breakfast - although I am still envious of John's toast - I have started buying the small loaf of Cape Seed bread from Bakers Delight - eight different grains and no preservatives. It smells delicious, even more so when toasted. He had scrambled eggs too, on a slice of toast (no butter), followed by another slice with butter and vegemite. If he didn't put so much vegemite on I would have bitten it right out of his hand!

I am working this morning - planning to have the afternoon off to spend with Mum and Dad as they are leaving tomorrow afternoon. I have brought a snack of celery sticks and very small amount of hommus, yoghurt, and tuna in springwater. It's not very appetising but it doesn't matter at work. Cooking a lamb roast at home tonight.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 30 - early morning at the gym, small weight loss!

Good morning! It's Day 30 - an official month and I have lost 3.7kg. I had hoped for more, but this has been good, steady weight loss. This diet has changed the way I think about food - I am really conscious about carbs now and steer well away from sugar and sweets. I really enjoy my protein meals - particularly when I can add vegetables - although I find salads easier. I do look forward to more variety when I reach the cruise stage, however.

I have made a slight change to Dr Dukan's strictures, however, and this may vary for other people. With NO CARBS I was getting headaches in the afternoon and feeling light-headed and even a little faint when I exercised at a high level. So ... contrary to Dukan - I am adding a very small amount of carbs on the mornings I do cardio at the gym. I have done quite a lot of online research on diet and nutrition over the last few days and chatted to trainers at the gym before making this decision. This morning I had a small porridge made out of pure oats and oat bran and skim milk. I followed this with one egg and a cup of black tea. It was very satisfying. I have brought a salad of celery, capsicum, cucumber and lettuce to work for lunch, topped with a half chicken breast (grilled last night) and cut up. I have a no fat yoghurt for morning tea. I also drink only green tea at work plus as much water as I can manage. I think the Dukan diet with no carbs is fine on his recommended exercise of a 30 minute walk each day - but if you are more active you may need some carbs to keep you going.

I have also increased my activity levels - went to the gym at 5.30am again today - focussed on cardio, with interval training on the treadmill, bike and cross trainer and went hard on the rower too. Hot, sweaty and heroic (which is more to do with how cold it is at 5.20am when the alarm goes off - it is still dark at that time).

Now the good news is that a motion was passed in parliament last night and again this morning! (Parliament being John's new name for the smallest room in the house). So feeling good about that too!

My parents arrive this afternoon - so we are planning dinner at the local pub - they have a terrific restaurant there (Arundel Tavern). I am looking forward to an eye fillet steak with salad and maybe a couple of oysters to start. Now my parents are a perfect example of good genes and good living. Dad is 79 and very strong and fit. He uses a hearing aid due to industrial deafness from farm machinery - but has a vice-like handshake and carries no extra weight. The travel all over visiting friends and relatives and Dad drives long distances with no problem (apart from Mum's sometimes poor navigation). Mum is almost 71 - neat and trim - and enjoys flirting with my bloke! She keeps really active doing all sorts of charity work in our home town and quite often tells me she has just been up to the respite part of the local hospital to 'help with the old people'. Amazing. Her hair is snow white but she can out-walk just about anyone I know and until some knee problems recently was playing competition tennis every week. Gotta love that!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 29 - Motivated again!

Good morning all! I had a great weekend - researched my diet and re-assessed my position - with some help from my friends and followers! Now 108 days to go and ONLY 15.4kg!

I realise that I only lost 100g for the whole week - and I was steadfast with the diet AND spent four mornings at the gym. However - a few things to consider:-

1. My pal Ryan told me that my body had gone into 'starvation' mode and was hanging on to everything I ate. He told me to shock it up for one day with a small amount of carbs in the early part of the day. I did this on Sunday and the scales dropped 100g this morning!
2. I have not had a bowel movement since Friday morning - so hopefully that will shift today and it will show on the scales too.
3. My period arrived today - and my experience suggests that I usually increase my weight by around 400g for the first couple of days - so the end of the week should see this shift too.
4. I didn't walk or bike ride at the weekend ... although I did spend a couple of hours thoroughly cleaning my house on Saturday

Interestingly - I can really notice the weight loss in my clothes, especially over the weekend. I haven't measured myself (I should do that) but I have definitely lost centimetres from my middle and hips. So much so that a couple of people asked me yesterday if I had lost weight. THAT FELT GOOD!

I have lost 3.6kg in exactly four weeks. Not quite as much as I had hoped - but still a good effort. I went to the gym this morning and didn't really get a workout. It was my final 'intro' session with personal trainer Abi - so we went through the weights/resistance program she has designed for me. It is good to understand which machines to use to target certain areas - but the whole program covers all areas. This week I will alternate cardio and weights at the gym each day and see how it pans out for me.

I would love it if I could talk John into joining the gym with me. He is not keen just now - but I will keep working on him.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dukan Diet - how healthy is it, really?

Firstly - 111 days and 15.5kg to go. To reach my goal pre-Xmas I need to lose an average of 800g per week. It's do-able, I know. I have been at this diet for almost 4 weeks. Weight loss - 3.5kg. Not bad.

I didn't blog yesterday because I was thinking, analysing and asking questions.
Here's the thing. I have been to the gym every morning this week - for around 45 minutes, twice with trainer Abi putting me through my paces. Results - sore ass (muscles), sore arms, sore legs and feeling quite heroic.
Here's the other thing. I have really stuck to the Dukan Diet - high protein, no carbs, no fat, three tablesoons of oat bran each day - every second day is JUST protein.
So here's the final thing. How healthy is it really to completely cut out carbs? (probably still getting some animal fats from protein, ie: cajun salmon steak for dinner last night). I have had a few bad headaches, and this morning while boxing with Abi I felt a little light-headed for a minute or two. She says some carbs are needed with increased exercise. And fibre - the oat bran did not 'move' me for four whole days until this morning. OK, I understand that there is less to move, but perhaps I am not eating enough? And how healthy is it to completely cut out fruit and many vegetables, such as carrots? Could one apple a day be that bad? (Ryan, I need your response to this).

I have done some reading and research. Most dieticians seem to he saying - moderation, portion control, three smaller meals plus two healthy snacks in between to keep the metabolism going. Drink water before meals to help with the 'full' feeling. This seems sensible but I must admit the Dukan system with clearly stated foods that are NOT allowed is easy to follow.

Conundrum. Do I ditch Dukan and follow something more balanced, like Weight Watchers point system? They have a cheap online program that helps you calculate daily points from foods and exercise. This would be easier than trying to calculate actual proteins, carbs and fats manually. It creates a food diary, which most experts say is important. If I switch to Weight Watchers do I still keep protein high and carbs low, but not totally cut out?

The one thing I do know is that I am totally committed to this journey. I want a little black dress for Xmas. I will stick with the gym. I will stick with a diet. But is the right one?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 24 - NO BLOODY CHANGE ... AGAIN!

I went to the gym yesterday AND this morning - worked up a sweat - have lots of sore bits - stuck fastidiously to the diet - and the scales did not move! What the ...? Still 113 days and 15.6kg to go!
Explanation 1 : Have I increased my muscle mass in just two days? Explanation 2 : The bran has not 'moved' me since Sunday ... ? Explanation 3 : could it be that I am not actually eating enough, so that everything I do eat is being hoarded? (On the weight watchers points system I am only averaging around 15 points per day ... is that my problem)?
I had my two eggs, bran and tuna in springwater omelette again this morning - it really fills me up. (Mind you, it seems to take much less to fill me up these days). I have tuna for lunch and a couple of yoghurts in the fridge for snacks. John is cooking small beef roast tonight.
I really don't crave sweet things BUT I would LOVE a piece of buttered toast or a crumpet, butter and vegemite. Then I feel cranky and deprived when the scales don't move and I am sticking to the diet. Sob!
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 23 - No change, but joined the gym!

The scales showed no change this morning - but I signed up at Fenix Nerang last night with Wendy - very nice and helpful - and had my first session with Abi this morning - they organise three personal training sessions to get you started - great idea! Now 114 days and 15.6 kg to go!

Abi tells me that doing weight resistance will build lean muscle - good for maintaining bone density as I move towards (evil) menopause and that muscle mass burns more calories. Sounds logical. I did squats, push ups, rowing, lateral pulldowns (I think), then 10 minutes on the bike. I am keen to try a few classes - RPM (cycle) and maybe pilates and boxing. They gave me two free passes for each of my daughters, so I am hoping that they will come to a class with me.

My diet was good yesterday - two eggs for breakfast and lean chicken breast with celery, cucumber and capsicum for lunch. I had a yoghurt in the afternoon. John cooked a sirloin steak for me last night - it was quite big and I had green beans and zuccini, steamed.

Started today with breakfast about 45 minutes after the gym - two eggs, oat bran and small tin of tuna in springwater, mixed up and cooked into an omelette. Tasty and filling. I have more tuna for lunch - and a yoghurt for the afternoon. Most of the time I do not feel hungry. Drinking lots of water and green tea.

I saw a little black dress in a boutique window on Chevron Island on Sunday - it is the style I aspire too (a little bit Melbourne Cup) - and I am now quite convinced that I will get there. Go me!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 22 - Losing weight, yay!

What a great weekend - John came home, I caught up with my very good friend Susie for her birthday yesterday and I LOST WEIGHT! Now only 115 days and 15.6kg to go! Unbelievable!

What has made the difference, I hear you ask. I am note sure but I think it is a combination of things. I did the walk-run-walk thing 3 days during the week and an excellent 40 minute pushbike ride with John yesterday. I stuck to the diet and felt fine. Went out to dinner on Saturday night - ordered an eye fillet steak with salad - all good! Had an omelette for breakfast yesterday then went to Susie's birthday lunch. I had just one course - a Japanese salad with crispy fish - the fish was deep fried (I hadn't realised that when I ordered it) but overall it didn't add weight. Everyone else at lunch had at least two courses - which was fine - but I actually did not feel like more. I also drank only water - also felt fine with that.

I am going to join fenix gym today - so I hope to go 3-4 times a week plus still walk other days with John and pushbike ride at least once at the weekend. My clothes felt a little looser today.

I also saw my other pal Sue at the birthday lunch, who has lost 8kgs, initially on this diet but now she is just 'being good' - very inspirational as she looks great! (Younger). I want that!

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 20 - LOST 200g (.2kg) - Yay!

Enjoyed waking up this morning to find I had lost a little more weight - now only 118 days and 16.9kg to go! I called in at fenix gym on the way home - VERY NICE - 5 star facilties, nice people, easy parking. More expensive than all the others - $18.30 per week for a 12 month membership or $24 per week month by month. I would like to ask them if I can begin monthly- then if I like it I will transfer to full membership.
John is on his way home - yay! - should be here late afternoon. Can't wait to see him!
I have some work to do today - I want to be finished when John returns so we can spend some time together.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 19 - no change but feeling good!

One of my friends asked why I weigh myself each day, telling me that I should only do it once a week. The reason, for me, is that I would worry that I was having slight gains without realising, so the daily weigh in keeps me focussed. Any thoughts?
Only 119 days and 17.1kg to go! I really hoped that I would be at least a 1kg down this week while John was away - he is due home later tomorrow and unless I drop a huge amount overnight, not much to report.
I didn't walk this morning as I had a breakfast meeting at 6.30am. Breakfast was runny eggs (yuk! I hate them runny) on toast that I couldn't have and field mushrooms on the side. Ate the mushrooms, drank black tea and ignored the plate of fresh fruit and another of pastries in the centre of the table.
Due to my early start I forgot to pack lunch and frankly did not have time to go out today - so I was left with a yoghurt in the fridge - which I ate. Really did not feel hungry until around 4pm - so I chewed some gum (seriously thought about swllowing!). I was offered chocolate and jelly snakes by a colleague, but I stayed strong!
I should be home around 6.30pm - so the trick is not to over-eat because I am hungry. I am calling into the Fenix gym on the way home. I thought the people at Goodlife were very nice last night, but the ladies change room was smelly - worse than smelly - it was lucky I hadn't eaten when I called in! They are $3 per week more than the Sharks gym too - doesn't sound much but it is $150 per year - and that's a pair of shoes!
Taking final proofs for the mag home tonight - need to do final checks tomorrow and write my Editor's Intro. Busy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 18 - LOST 100g (.1kg) - Must have been the jogging ...??

Love seeing the scales go down in the morning, even if it is only in increments. DOWN is GOOD! Now only 17.1kg and 120 days to go! Motivated myself to go walking again this morning - quite quick because I did the walk-jog-walk thing again. I'm sure I saw one driver laughing when he zoomed past!

Had a great night with Emily - she came with me to the gym which isn't really a Beachhouse anymore, it is now a Sharks and I was on the wrong website yesterday. They DON'T offer a free trial, which was disappointing. The gym is very newly renovated - all timber floors and chrome fittings. Looked fabulous if not a little daunting to a newbie. Emily was a bit overwhelmed by it - she thought we should try a smaller gym.

I have an appointment at the Goodlife Gym at Westfield Helensvale this evening - for a comparison. I'm looking forward to it.

Dinner was grilled cajun salmon - yum! Wanted calamari but Emi fogot to ask for it - Iwas really cranky when I realised then I had to apologise to her later and tell her it was the 'hunger' that was cranky, not me.

Had a hot bath and read my book for a while - feeling good about it all at the mo - and John will be back late Saturday, so I am looking forward to that!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 17 - NO CHANGE but feeling better!

No change on the scales again this morning - still 121 days and 17.2kg to go. However I motivated myself to get up early despite the cold and go for a walk. It was a quicker walk this morning BECAUSE I RAN A LITTLE! That's right, I actually ran (well, slow jog, really). So I walked 100 metres, jogged 60 metres, walked 100 metres, jogged 60 metres. Not bad - got all my bits wobbling - would have been hilarious from behind!

I've decided that my metabolism is very slow and I need to speed it up - because I am sticking to the diet really well. Going to the gym, finally, after work tonight. I cooked lean chicken breast for dinner. After dinner I was relaxing on the couch enjoying Packed to the Rafters when my youngest, Emily, decided to join me while eating a chocolate mousse. She offered me a spoonful. I declined. She offered again telling me that one little bit wouldn't hurt. I declined. She made a final attempt, actually waving it under my nose - but I told her I have lost my taste for sweet things and no thank you. She was very impressed.

Jasmine got caught in traffic on the freeway coming down from Brisbane, so I only had a few minutes with her before she left for her date (but I did put through the load of washing she just happened to bring with her).

It was fun in the kitchen this morning having a 'date postmortum' with her. The love guru of the house, Emily, threw in some sage advice too. Watch this space.

Had two eggs scrambled with a tablespoon of yoghurt and fresh basil from our yard for breakfast and a chamomile tea.

I have brought in the extra chicken breast I cooked last night, for lunch today - plus some green tea and inelegeant chewing gum in my top drawer along with container of bran for yoghurt snack later.

I have a 'thing' to go to on the 22nd August - really want to be down another 3kg by then, so I have to get this together.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 16 - NO CHANGE - feeling flat!

How quickly things can change. I had a good loss yesterday morning and felt great. No change this morning and feeling quite flat. Now 122 days and still 17.2kg to go. I think I expected to break that 17kg barrier overnight and was disappointed when I didn't. To top it off it was very cold this morning, I didn't sleep well (missing John) and I didn't walk. I got up, weighed myself, saw no change and went back to bed for half an hour feeling despondent.
However, Jasmine is coming to stay tonight and I know she will get me motivated - perhaps she will even come for a walk in the morning ...
I will make sure my diet is fine today - had rissoles last night - have brought two to work with green salad. I think I should make the rissoles myself as I noticed they were a little fattier than usual when I cooked them. Chicken or fish tonight and a little Jas time!
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 15 - LOST 300g (.3kg). Heading in the right direction!

I had an awesome weekend - stuck to my diet - caught up with family and friends AND lost weight. Now 123 days and 17.2kg to go! The only time I had any sort of 'craving' was when John had hot buttered grainy toast at breakfast yesterday - I really, really wanted some - but resisted temptation. We even had a roast for lunch and it did not bother me to avoid the baked potato! And ... no sweet cravings, at all!

It's taken me 47 years to realise what an awesome machine the body is - I am feeling more confident every day that I can change my bad habits and retrain my taste buds (and brain) to turn on to a much healthier lifestyle. Plus I got up early and walked this morning - by myself, as John left early for a business trip. (and the remainder of the loaf of grainy bread has been placed in the freezer until his return).

Planning to work hard (magazine goes to printer later this week) and stick to my diet, check out the gyms and spend time with my daughters, where possible.

I have even visualised a thinner me in my little black dress .... and it felt good!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 14 : No change.

I had a really busy day yesterday -breakfast with my girls then a light chicken salad lunch with my gal pal Jan (and some window shopping). There was avocado in the salad - which I ate!! Tasted great but felt very naugty. I had grilled snapper and Asian greens last nght - so was very pleased when the scales remained unchangd - 124 days and 17.5kg to go!
John is leaving for a business trip in the morning - he will be gone around a week - so I intend to use the week to really focus on my diet and get my exercise sorted. Hoping to lose 2kg for the week, with a concenrated effort!
We had a wonderful lamb roast today - John cooked it on the BBQ spit - the baked vegetables looked (and smelled) awesome - but I was happy with just meat and greens. Watching the football at home this afternoon - will snap open a yoghurt (with bran) instead of the usual red rock chips!
Feeling quite motivated and strong!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 13 - LOST 200g (.2kg) YAY!!

An excellent start to the day - scales went down - so now only 125 days and 17.5kg to go! I didn't walk but have been really consistent with my diet. I have housework to catch up on too and lots of running around to do.
I avoided the birthday cake at work yesterday - sending greetings to my workmate without attending the lunch room celebrations. It felt good. It was a bit hard watching the football at home last night WITHOUT red rock chips to snack on. I just didn't buy them, so the temptation was not there. John seemed mildly disappointed and fell asleep at half time.
I have had the BEST morning - I took my daughters to breakfast and we had a fun time catching up (Jasmine is at Uni in Brisbane, so I only see her every other week, or so). Gorgeous Jasmine had healthy eggs benedict, tall thin naughty Emily had chocolate mud cake (for breakfast!?!). I don't know how she does it and stays so lean - although she lives on sushi - and I had a ham and mushroom omelette, no toast.
Emily says she is keen to check out gyms with me next week - it would be fun to go together.
I really feel fabulous when the scales go down.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dukan diet - Day 12 - Only have myself to blame!

John had an early start this morning - so HE didn't have time for a walk - so I CHOSE NOT TO WALK to have breakfast with him and head to work early too. Big mistake! Gained 100g (.1kg). Now 126 days and STILL 17.7kg to go.

It is true what they say about a habit - it takes 21 days to create a habit. I walked for the first 5 days, two day break over the weekend, even though I did other exercise - it wasn't in the morning, then walked two days - then BOMBED for three days. John is off on a business trip from Monday morning for the whole week - so it is up to me to motivate myself - get my (fat) ass out of bed each morning to walk - and check out the local gyms. A (younger) friend, Denyka, has suggested I ask the three local gyms for a 'free' trial - good idea!

On top of the blatent lack of exercise - I ate really well during the day - but we went to the pub last night. Drank iced water (good), entree of seared scallops on cauliflower puree (seemed OK), then entree of salt & pepper calamari with green salad. I KNEW it was flash fried - I just WANTED it! Mind you, if I had walked I would not have gained ...

However, I no longer think about sweets - chocolate, cake or dessert - so that's a plus!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 11 - NO WALK, NO CHANGE

Raining again this morning - hence no walk - and no change on the scales. Still 127 days and 17.6kg to go! It's making the need to join a gym seem more urgent every day!

Had a protein only day yesterday - stuck to it really well and rarely felt hungry. I did have a moment when the 'cake lady in reception' call came at work at 10am - needed to busy myself until she had left the premises with her evil goods. Fruit man due in today - will avoid nuts.

I have to say that the diet is BORING. I like to cook but I am not really enjoying preparing these meals - Dukan has taken the fun out of the kitchen! I don't think John is enjoying it either - he hates having a plate full of protein and carbs - and me with just protein (and greens on alternate days). Although he does enjoy taking a home made lunch to work.

I'm also amazed by how much butter we no longer use (it must have been me - butter on toast, butter on crumpet, butter on dinner roll).

I really need to take the exercise up a notch to get some bigger weight loss numbers - that will put the fun back into it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 10 - GAINED 200g - blaming rain!

Torrential rain overnight and this morning - so no early morning walk. Imagine my horror when I jumped on the scales to find I GAINED 200g (.2kg) overnight - so now only 128 days and 17.6kg to go! Bugger!

Had a good day, Dukan Diet wise - especially breakfast and lunch. May have blown it a little at dinner. Had John cook me a 250g eye fillet on the BBQ (very lean) and had green beans and zuccini (steamed) and the smallest amount of sweet potato (carbs?). While the BBQ was hot I had John cook up some rissoles (all lean beef mince) for lunch today .... and while I was cleaning up after dinner I ATE ONE. Wasn't hungry. Certainly wasn't necessary. It was just THERE ...

Had a yoghurt with bran and two rissoles for breakfast with a cup of black tea. Feel full. The bran worked (yay!).

I need a rainy day solution for my exercise, so joining a gym is looking like a really good idea.

However - oddly enough, despite the slight gain - I FEEL thinner today! Could it be a state of mind? Or am I just wearing pants that have a looser fit?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dukan Diet - Week Two, Day Two - another 100g lost!

Little bit by litte bit. Now only 129 days and 17.4kg to go! Had a great day yesterday - work went well, my intern wrote three advertorial pieces which was a huge help! (Clever girl!)

Did NOT FEEL HUNGRY all day. Had grilled chicken for dinner.

Walked with John again this morning - it felt really good! Having eggs with mushroom and tomato for breakfast, lean meats and green salad for lunch and really looking forward to a lean eye fillet for dinner.

I have been thinking seriously about joining a gym. Will check the nearest two out at the weekend.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Eight - down 100g (.1kg).

A good start to Week 2 - now only 130 days and 17.5kg to go!

Feeling pumped and positive this morning - went for a brisk 30 minute hill walk with John! Had a yoghurt with bran (which finally worked, yay!) and a rissole from last night. All protein day today - so taking three small rissoles to work and a yoghut.

Will oganise fish or chicken tonight for dinner. I have a really big day at work today - I have a Journalism Intern starting (two days per week) and this issue of the magazine is in design his week - printing next week - and I still have a lot of editorial collaterol to write/finish.

I think about food less when I'm busy. Heck, I must admit I have thought about food less on this diet!! Can I be changing the way think about food already? I hope so.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dukan Diet Day Seven - lost another 200g (.2kg) Yay!

Definitely on a roll here - another 200g down - only 131 days and 17.6kg to go!

Did not walk yesterday but busy all day. Had some cold roast beef and green salad for lunch. Went to a Rotary function in the evening - had a small bowl of minestrone soup, follwed later by a small bowl of chicken soup. Very delicious and quite filling BUT was EXTREMELY ENVIOUS of the home made pizza everyone was making. Smelt tantalising but I stayed strong. Drank only water. Dessert came out (three diferent kinds and nothing on the approved eating list) - so John took pity on me and decided it was a good time to leave.

Lazy day today - had a sleep in then went to Aqua on the Broadwater for breakfast. Ordered a ham and mushroom omelette (no cheese). Fabulous. So full afterwards that I did not even want the toast that came with it. Tried some chai tea - quite nice.

Went to Cav's (very special butcher)for some mini lamb roast for dinner and some very fresh, nothing but lean meat, rissoles. John cooking rissoles on the BBQ so I can take some to work. He is having roast veges with his lamb (he uses lots of olive oil). I am dry roasting my lamb and having steamed veges. Looking forward to it.

Had a yoghurt with bran before breakfast - really need the bran again today (enough said!)

Feeling positive and supported. All good!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Six - Yay! Down 400g (.4kg)

Day Six - a little sleep in (it's Saturday) but up at 7.30am and straight to the scales. Mental tap dance - 400g loss. 132 days and 17.8kg to go!

Didn't walk. Straight to breakfast - started Cruise Phase today - so mushrooms, onion and tomato in non-stick pan with two fried eggs. John had crumpets wih his, but I didn't even feel jealous!

I had a good day yesterday - scrambled eggs with ham and low fat cheese. No yoghurt left at home but had one mid-morning at work. Forgot to take my bran to work. Two boiled eggs and small tin of tuna in springwater. Filled me up. Drinking lots of water and green tea during the day. Chewed some gum.

Had a meeting after work and missed the butcher - went to Fishbone for a cajun grilled salmon. Snapper for John. Had 4 pieces of his calamari. Felt full.

I met an old friend for coffee this morning - he was very encouraging about my diet and gave me some great tips - I think I will rejoin a gym next month - I just want to consolidate my good habits for another couple of weeks first.

Had some roast beef and garden salad for luch, follwed by a yoghurt with bran. Going to a function this aftrnoon - so I need to have another snack before I go.

Not too worried that I didn't walk today - a little housework and planning a big pusbike ride together tomorrow.

Feeling positive, powerful and thinner!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Five - small gain, bugger!

Jumped on the scales this morning after another vigorous (and chilly) early morning walk (without John, who stayed warm and snug in bed - support over?) - and to my horror I gained 200g (.2kg). Now 133 days and still 18.2kg to go!

One explanation is the two day constipation - although that has now been sorted. I was so proud of myself when on Wednesday the 10am call came over the intercom at work "cake lady in reception, cake lady in reception" - I picked up my phone and made a call, ignoring the stampede past my office to reception. (I have been known in the past to avail myself of said cake lady's wares - namely fresh anzac biscuits and orange and poppy seed cake!) Then yesterday, the 10am intercom call "fruit man in reception, fruit man in reception" - I trotted around to reception and bought a small $2 bag of mixed nuts (avoiding the plump looking mandarins). Ate about 10 during the course of the day - could this be the weight gain culprit?

Ate my rissole and 2 boiled eggs for lunch plus one yoghurt with bran for afternoon tea.

We did go to the pub for dinner with delightful neighbours PJ and Henry. I drove, and drank only iced water (no drama there) but did enjoy 6 oysters kilpatrick (culprit?) and a grilled chicken breast with 3 garlic prawns (the prawns?)

Still feeling motivated - but a bit disappointed with overall results - especially when I hear that some lose 4-6kg on the Attack Phase. Will start cruise phase tomorrow (Sat) but thinking seriously about giving Attack another two or 3 days next week. Also had a mild headache yesterday and again this morning. Not enough water? De-toxing?


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Four - 1kg down, 134 days to go!

Ok, another 300g down when I stepped on the scales this morning after vigorous 30 minute hill walk (and that is despite the bran not working AT ALL yesterday!) That means 18kg and 134 days to go! Not bad for 3 days.

All was good yesterday - did not feel hungry until after work - and John cooked small eye fillet and rissoles on the BBQ for dinner. Had the eye fillet and one rissole ... still felt like more, but waited about 15 minutes and then felt full. Had yoghurt with bran in an effort to get digestive system working properly again. No luck last night or this morning ... had a rissole for breakfast followed by another yoghurt with bran. When it finally kicks in it could be scary!

John DID NOT walk with me this morning - it was VERY cold out - so I feel really heroic for getting up and going by myself.

Have brought in last rissole and a couple of hard-boiled eggs for lunch today - trusty yoghurt and bran on hand too. (Don't want to overdo the bran - could be a disaster ...!!)

We're going to the pub for dinner tonight with friends - not drinking not a problem - but choosing protein only meal could be a little challenging. However this is our local and we go once a week - so Chris in the kitchen may take care of me.

Helpful dining out suggestions while on Attack Phase could be helpful ...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - Attack Phase Day Three

Jumped on the scales this morning - down another 300g (.3kg) - yay! 135 days and 18.3kg to go!

Yesterday finished up really well - Fishbone had gorgeous fresh salmon and some plump Tasmanian scallops. I cooked cajun salmon and scallops for me (plain salmon for Emily) and cajun snapper for John with salad. I felt full and just had a green tea before bed. Drinking lots of water too. Picked up some sugar free chewing gum - Dr Dukan says it is extremely inelegant (agreed) but helps during the day if you feel hungry or just have the habit of a snack at a particular time of day. Giving it a try.

Jumped up around 6am for our morning walk - John's being really supportive. Very sore from the last two days but pushed on. Felt like a hero when I returned!

I whipped up scrambled eggs with a spoon of no fat yoghurt and lean ham for breakfast. Was somewhat envious of John's two pieces of toast - but after I finished I really wasn't hungry. No yoghurt left at home - but I have two small ones at work - so I will have one for morning tea with half my oat bran allowance (which definitely works, by the way - enough said about that!)

I have some tuna in springwater for lunch - and John is cooking eye fillet on the BBQ tonight - yum!

I'm looking forward to starting the cruise phase next week, however - as I am missing my greens!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Two - sore and hungry!

It's only half way through Day Two - I have just had my small piece of grilled chicken for lunch AND IT WASN'T ENOUGH! Hungry. Do I go back to work fridge and knock off one of my fat free yoghurts (with bran added) now .... or do I wait until afternoon tea? Hard to concentrate with internal rumblings. To top it off I am SORE from the walk ... although I only notice when I get up from my desk ....

On the upside of the Dukan Diet - experiencing no wind from the nether regions (not that women get wind, but if they did I would seriously blame the consumption of carbs).

I find myself fantasising about ... wholemeal bread, vegemite sandwich, potato chips. How much damage would a single M & M do?

Thinking ahead to dinner - really want a fresh salmon steak to grill cajun style tonight. Need to check with Fishbone (fabulous fish & chip shop with great range of fresh seafood) to see if they have salmon in today. Snapper for John (salmon a bit strong in taste for the big guy).

Lunch over - back to work - this magazine is not going to write itself!

Dukan Diet - Attack Phase Day Two

Woo! hoo! Weighed myself this morning - 400g lighter than yesterday (.4kg). Heading in the right direction! 136 days and only 18.6kg to go!

So yesterday - ate too much meatloaf and totally over it now. I took enough for two lunches to work - worried that I would feel like a snack and head downstairs to the vending machine. Ended up eating all the meatloaf during the day - but wasn't really hungry. Drank lots of herb tea and water.

Grilled chicken for dinner - (John's with potato mash and veges). Ate two small pieces and felt quite full. Had a low fat yoghurt after with bran in it. Emily cooked up a gorgeous looking chicken and cashew dinner - the smell of roasted cashews was sooo tempting!

Taking a piece of grilled chicken to work today and feel comfortable that I can have my yoghurt as a snack and not feel hungry.

It was harder to get up for a walk this morning - John had an early start so we were up at 5.30am. It rained overnight and I think I would have stayed in bed if John hadn't motivated me. Same walk as yesterday but did it in just under 30 minutes - so we picked up the pace a little. Felt like a hero for going - it was still dark outside!

My girls are 100% behind me and thank you to my pals who sent messages of encouragement.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dukan diet - Day One

A good friend put me onto the Dukan diet over a week ago - she lost 6kgs in 5 days. Sounded too good to be true - so I bought Dr Dukan's diet book and read it over the weekend. Skimmed it really - went straight to the why it works, followed by how to do it. Late yesterday checked out allowed food for the first 5 days and did a quick shop.

So I started Phase One today - the Attack phase. Only protein for 5 days. That's meat, meat and more meat. A few eggs and no fat yoghurt. Secret ingredient - oat bran. Three tablespoons per day. (It makes sense - no one wants all that meat sitting in the colon ...). Seafood is allowed too - fish, prawns etc. The trick is - only grilled or baked and NO OIL. (Oil and butter are lipids - dukaniests don't eat lipids).

So I made the Dukan meatloaf last night. Had it for dinner. No veges. (I slipped a little fresh basil from our garden in - as I have a huge problem with no 'green things' on my plate). It tasted OK. John had the meatloaf too - with mashed potato and honey soy carrots and beans - man that looked good on his plate! Fronted up for the meatloaf again for breakfast (it was a BIG meatloaf) - and made John a meatloaf sandwich for lunch. I had a small no fat yoghurt with half my bran allowance mixed, too. I have to say, I don't mind the bran. I sliced up the rest of the meatloaf and packed it for work. Dr Dukan says you can eat as much protein as you like in this phase - so I want plenty in the work fridge in case I get 'snacky'. Also have a yoghurt in the work fridge to put my bran in again.

My 17 year old daughter came home last night - opened the fridge - looked at the leftover meatloaf sitting plumply on it's plate, covered in gladwrap, and said "Eeuw, what is that brown thing in the fridge? You don't expect me to EAT that do you?" Of course not - she is a tall, lanky size 8-10. She can do without the darn meatloaf!

Dr Dukan also says we MUST walk 20 minutes each day in this phase - and boost up to 30 minutes in the next phase. Set the alarm for 5.50am - leapt out of bed (bloody cold, still dark) and bravely dressed for my walk. John, to his credit, said he would support me and got up too. We actually walked 30 minutes (so there!) - quite briskly and over a couple of hills and back. Definitely got my heart rate up, a little puffed and red faced (but that's a good thing, right?). Want to do the same walk in less than 30 minutes by the end of the week. I hope John will stick with me. (BTW : he wants to lose 10kg too - but refusing to go without veges .... and there is no way he will give up beer carbs!)