Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dukan Diet - just broke 6kg weight loss! Woo hoo!

A great start to the day - headed off to the gym at my usual early hour - did a cardio session and took some good advice (thank you John) and did 12 minutes at each station instead of 10. This pushed my heart rate up over 170, which really seemed to make a difference. I was sweaty and smelly on my return, but triumphant!

So ... wait for it ... 6.2kg lost in 59 days, 12.8kg to go in 79 days! That's right ... OVER 6kg! To be honest, this is now officially the lightest I have been in 20 years! Next goal - 10kg!

I ate well yesterday - had cajun grilled salmon for dinner with about 6 calamari pieces. John had crumbed snapper with calamari and chips ... followed by a cup of tea and sao biscuits with tomato and cheese on top ... which he ate in front of me.

So it really does come down to Energy In, Energy Out. Getting the balance right.

So I had porridge for breakfast and a toasted split muffin. I seem to need some carbs in the morning after gym. I have brought celery sticks in for a snack and have tuna in springwater for lunch - as I am meeting my pal Susie and my daughter Emily for dinner and a movie at the Arts Centre tonight. I am not sure what is on the Cafe menu, so I have to make sure I choose well and make tomorrow a total protein day.

Note to self: I must not let Susie lure me with chocolate or ice cream, I must not let Susie lure me with chocolate or ice cream, I must not ....

Have a great day!


  1. I am soo impressed!! You rock star! Over 6 kgs, and the lightest you have been in 20 yrs!!! Just amazing~! I'm thinking I should take some diet tips from you... you're achieving so much! xo
    hahaha... i'd be careful of emily too, her and susie could make a dangerous combination...

  2. Oh, yeah forgot about my chocoholic daughter .... she can be lethal .... and soooo convincing. I hate it that she eats chocolate, cream and mousse by the bucket load and ever gains weight! Now she has joined the gym she may disappear altogether...
    .. and you don't need to diet either, young lady. You look stunning. Srtay healthy.