Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dukan Diet - it works if you stick with it!

Another sunny Gold Coast day, another early start at the gym - weights today - and another small weight loss! Total loss = 5.6kg in 58 days, 79 days and 13.4kg to go!

I enjoyed my lean chicken last night - but feel I overate a little. I was hungry. I had two small pieces with steamed carrots and zuchini AND a very small amount of baked potato. My bad.

I got home from work a little late and cut three small potatoes up into teeny, tiny pieces so they would cook quickly, which I baked. John had the lion's share, but it looked and smelt too good to pass up. Had I NOT had it - my loss overnight may have been more substantial!

Then, after my weights session this morning I was (again) hungry. John cooked two fried eggs (non stick pan, no oil) but I was still hungry after that .... so I cooked a piece of multigrain toast and had a scraping of butter on it.

I brought some celery sticks to work for a morning snack and the rest of the Dukan meatloaf for lunch. I have yoghurt for afternoon snack. Not sure about dinner tonight - may get some fish to grill.

Still hoping to reach 6kg lost by the weekend - so I have to stop the naughty stuff. Also, I am going to dinner and movie with a friend tomorrow night - I have to make sure I make VERY HEALTHY choices.

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  1. hahaha... yes the potatos are a bit naughty! But you still saw some loss! You're doing great - I beleive that you can get to 6 by the weekend!