Friday, August 27, 2010

Dukan Diet - total weight loss 5kg in 40 days!

Good Morning All! Rowing at the gym is obviously working - plus I stuck to diet very well yesterday. Total weight loss now 5kg in just 40 days - and 97 days and only 14kg to go!

Still unwell however - head cold now moving to chesty cough. I really want to shake this thing off as I don't want it to spoil my weekend in the Hunter Valley.

It's a public holiday on the gold coast - so no gym this morning as it was only opening 8am - 4pm and I still have to be at work. I had thought to get up early and go for a walk - but the head cold and cough talked me into staying in bed until 6.30am.

Our scheduled conference finishes at 1pm today - so I am not sure if that means we will get an early mark or whether we still have to put in the full day - hoping for an early mark.

Now that I have lost even more weight this week and I am doubly determined to be careful over the weekend to not put any back on. (However, getting editorial together for a feature on 'best wine and food trails' makes it somewhat awkward not eat or taste wine ....!!)

Wish me luck! I won't blog again until Tuesday ... enjoy your weekends and stay strong!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dukan Diet - overnight weight loss! Yay!

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place ... I've been dieting now for 39 days and going to the gym for two weeks ... I had hit a pateau but kept at it - and this morning the scales showed a 300g (.3kg) loss. Now only 98 days and 14.6kg to go! Total loss to date - 4.4kg.

It made getting up at 5.05am (seriously!) to go to the gym worth it - as I had to be at work early today. I did a good caardio workout and actually rowed for 10 minutes - around 1.8km - which is the longest I have been able to go. (I usually get to 5 or 6 minutes and swap to the bike or treadmill).

I had porridge and one piece of grainy toast for breakfast (I seem to need carbs after cardio). I have tuna in springwater for lunch and will have grilled salmon for dinner - so all good!

Work has been a bit high pressure this week - with our bi-annual sales conference. I had to do a 'pitch' to the bosses this morning - it went OK, not brilliant. They gave me some tips (which were good, actually) and I have to do another one in a couple of weeks. We have a new sales rep (Nabs) in our Melbourne office to work 75% on frankie and 25% on Travelling in Australia Mag - she sat in on the pitch and was really helpful. We are putting some stuff together today/tomorrow before she returns to Melb which should not only help me knock 'em dead next time, but should boost revenue sales too. Exciting stuff!

The good news is that TIAM 125 (my second issue as Editor) - came back from printer yesterday and my boss told me that it was even better than my first one. (I needed some brownie points from somewhere today!)

I am heading off to the Hunter Valley - Sat-Mon - partly for work and partly a getaway with John and another couple. Looking forward to it vut have to make sure I am careful with my diet (and drinks).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dukan Diet - head cold but still went to the gym!

Feeling very heroic this morning - not only was it cold and dark at 5.30am but I have a shocking head cold and have blown my nose so much in the night that it is shining like Rudolph's this morning - AND I WENT TO THE GYM! Yup, 5.30 am - hit the weights circuit plus a little cardio to warm up and warm down.

The only problem was - my weight was still -4.1kg when I went to the gym, it usually drops a couple of points when I return - BUT NO, this morning it went UP 200g after the gym. What the ...? I did drink around 600ml of water at the gym - but damn! Not counting it - choosing the first weigh in before the gym. So now 99 days and 14.9kg to go! So there.

We have a conference at work today until Friday. I'm making a presentation/pitch tomorrow to the big boss. Hoping he doesn't mind a box of tissues as a prop. If this thing wasn't on I would have taken a sick day - I'm feeling that poorly. I've been here six months and had one day off for a big dentist thing, but no sickies. (I know Jasmine is going to comment that I never let them have a day off school unless they were bleeding from the eyes and that I should just 'suck it up'). I'm here Jas, just whinging a little.

However, feeling lousy should help me stick to the diet - as I had scambled eggs this morning and not feeling much like anything except green tea and lots of water. Butter menthol would be good - I'll see if anyone has some ...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dukan Diet - another plateau!

Attempts to speed up my metabolism do not seem to be getting me far! I have gained 100g (.1kg) today - but stuck to my diet well yesterday. Now just 100 days and 14.9kg to go!  I am really worried that I am not going to achieve my goal, at this rate. I understand perfectly that my weight went up a little at the weekend due to the inclusion of the pavlova piece ... but Sunday I was back on track and the scales went back down. I stuck to the diet yesterday too - with just protein all day.

I did not go to the gym yesterday morning due to a sore throat and asthma overnight - however I "sucked it up" this morning and did 40 mins of cardio - had two eggs for breakfast AND a piece of Bakers Delight Cape Seed bread, toasted, with a small amount of butter (a scaping, really) and vegemite. Further reading and advice has suggested that carbs ARE NECESSARY, especially with increased exercise - but only have them before 12 noon. So I thought the toast was OK.

I have also increased my water intake as I realise I don't always get to my 8 glasses each day - especially during the hours I am at work. When I went to the doctor on Saturday for a very sore throat - my blood pressure was low (I have always had 'perfect' blood pressure) - it was 97 over 67. She suggested I drink more water and include carbs in the morning hours too.

I have brought a small portion of lean mince with tinned tomatos to work for lunch, as well as no fat yoghurt. I DO have trouble fitting in a mid-morning snack, so perhaps I am not feeding the metabolism enough? I usually have the yoghurt in the afternoon - around 3.30pm I get a bit hungry. Dinner is already organised tonight - I made a beef stew (with approved veges) in the slow cooker overnight - so John will put it back on when he gets home from work - it should be all ready for me by the time I get home!

I will continue with the gym this week and stick to the diet, with the exception of good carbs in the morning if I feel I need it. I did cardio this morning so tomorrow is weights day. Cardio again on Thursday. Friday is a public holiday here - although I am working - so the gym opens later and I am not sure if I will be able to go before work.

We have a sales conference here including our Sydney and Melbourne teams from Wed - Fri and latest issue of Travelling in Australia Magazine arrives from printer this afternoon (yay!!) I am heading to the Hunter Valley over the weekend - I have Monday off - with John and another couple - partly for business and partly for work. I am a little worried about diet while away ...
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dukan Diet - 101 days and 14.8kg to go!

I haven't blogged for a few days, mostly due to a really hectic couple of days at work and a very busy weekend. I broke diet a little, however, to my detriment - as I am just now back to what I was four days ago. I had toast on two mornings - I just NEEDED to. But the worst offence was at a BBQ on Saturday night - I was offered pavlova with lashings of cream - and I ATE it. Didn't hesitate. Just ate the whole thing. Then I had two pieces of some delicious coconut chocolate .... bad, bad, bad.

So the scales went up slightly over the weekend - but had a great day yesterday and they are back down to last Thursday's record - 4.2kg lost. I missed gym this morning too - have picked up a cold/chest infection which has set off some asthma episodes - leaving me coughing and struggling for breath during the night - so not much sleep. When the alarm went off at 5.20am I told myself it was OK to stay in bed for an extra hour and try to rest.

I will stick to my diet again today and hopefully will have recovered enough to hit the gym in the morning - so all back on track.