Friday, January 21, 2011

Dukan diet - round two, day 21

No change in weight overnight, although I had a good diet day yesterday and did a big cardio workout at the gym and again this morning. John came with me this morning, I think he is starting to enjoy it!

My big news is that I experienced acupuncture for the first time yesterday. Wow! I sent John along last week to see if it would help with his chronic 'golfers elbow' injury. He felt better and went again yesterday - vast improvement. Physio did not seem to help much.

I am still very sore in my ribs, back and neck from the car accident and have a swollen left elbow. I booked in for acupuncture (very cheap on Medibank private - David Haynes at Southport). Did not feel the needles at all, he knew straight away where I was still sore and I left feeling relaxed and slept really well last night with NO pain killers. Going again next week.

Just wanted to share that!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dukan Diet - round two, day 19

Apologies for not blogging for over a week - the floods I. Queensland have caught everyone up on a frenzy of fund-raising and volunteering. My Rotary Club is raising funds to buy new mattresses for the flood victims in Theodore and we have also worked hard to get hundreds of hampers together to go to hard-hit areas.

With all this fling on my personal weight loss journey seemed less significant!

Having said that, I have now lost 1.8kg in 19 days, with 8.2kg to go in 81 days!

I started back at the gym properly this week, with John now a member and quite keen, yay! He had a personal training session this morning, so can't wait to hear about it (I was at Rotary).

I haven't been sticking to Dukan very well, slipping a few carbs in here and there and having a dinner party tonight .... But will get back to it tomorrow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dukan Diet - round two, day ten!

A good start to the day, and week, with a big cardio workout at Fenix Fitness! I was able to us treadmill, bike, rower and cross trainer - but not so good with most of the weights, ribs still too sore!

On top of that, after a fabulous lobster Norman last night (cooked by John) and sensational salad (made by me) I was a little lighter this morning. I have lost 1.2kg in 10 days, leaving 8.8kg to go in 90 days!

Poached eggs this morning and grilled chicken and salad to ight for dinner. All good! I did have a green tea and a scotch finger biscuit this afternoon ....

Emily is doing well in Finley, got another shift at the milk bar and they have offered her one day per week to begin with. She is loving it down there. She is now on first name terms with the ladies in the Op Shop (apparently she had a splurge - her words).and she went to work today in a cute outfit topped off with a little old fashioned but seriously cute apron. Starting a trend, I think.

Emi also said she went roller skating down the street with her cousin - the local kids are bewildered by the skates as everyone else has roller blades - but that's my retro daughter! Still recovering from glandular fever, she went rollerskating in the skate park and fell asleep on a bench in the shade - only to wake up with a small kid standing right in front of her, staring. He asked what she was doing. "sleeping" emi said. "how long have you been asleep?" he asked. "don't know", she replied. Perhaps he saw her retro outfit and old fashioned skates and thought she had been asleep since the '60's ....

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dukan DIet - round two, day eight!

Back to 1kg lost in first 8 days, so now just 9kg to go in 92 days!

The last couple of days have been healthy, high protein, low carb and the results are good! I am starting back at the gym on Monday and John is coming with me! He is taking over Emily's membership, now that she has moved south. This should be good for both of us.

We went to the Arts Centre Gold Coast Comedy on the Basement last night - great show, lots of laughs and a late night for us! We had a light supper at the Arts Cente Cafe beforehand.

A bit of a 'jobs' day today - John fixing a broken lock and hanging new towel rack in second bathroom. I have cleaned out the powder room and second bathroom (Emily left a stack of stuff in there) and now have very presentable guest facilities! Nice! John is now playing with his new blues guitar - BB King's 'lucille' - and I have started latest Bryce Courtney novel that I found under the Christmas tree. Hoping to catch a matinee of The Kings Speech and have an Asian dinner.

Emily is loving Finley. - already did 5 hrs work at local milk bar yesterday, they can give her one day per week - and she went to Finley Rodeo last night. She is also making friends already, as one would expect! I am missing her.

The ongoing replacement car saga with RACQ - now I will have brand new car around February 1st. The wheels move slowly.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dukan DIet - round two day five

OK, the weight loss first four days WAS magical. Weighed in this morning 400g heavier - so now 9.4kg to go in 95 days! was it the glass of white wine I had with dinner? Could it have been the dozen fat, juicy prawns I had with salad? Could it be that, due to thecR accident over three weeks ago I am still not back at the gym?

Today is a non-Dukan kind of day too. I had scrambled eggs and a mocha at breakfast meeting. (Ok, I had a piece of toast too!) and I am heading to yum cha with gal pal Susie today for lunch. Planning on fish and salad tonight ... And heading back to the gym from tomorrow, even if I can only use treadmill and bike! My doctor increased my pain medication, so I may be able to lots more, ha, ha!!

On a good note, Emily is road-tripping byherself from gold coast to Finley. She made it to Gloucester on Monday and spent two nights with pal, Lorna. Lorna had other visitors and they had to share a bed. Emi said she didn't mind as long as there was no spooning! She left Gloucester early this morning and is already at Goulburn, after driving through Sydney by herself. Not bad for 17! Ive told her to check in to a motel if she gets tired, otherwise she should reach Finley late this afternoon. Little Miss Independent.

RACQ has just told me that my new car will still be two weeks before arriving, so I am a bit disappointed in that. I have the use of Jasmine's little Toyota Echo until she gets back from Perth on the 15th, but it will be around tuesday 18th before mine is ready. That will be almost six weeks from the accident AND the guy that hit us was fully insured!!

On a final note, I really have to get back into the Dukan mind-set. Maybe I should read the book again?!? Any tips?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dukan diet - round two, day four

Struggling a bit to re-focus on Dukan, I had forgotten how strict it can be!

Having said that, woke up this morning to discover, with joy and surprise, that I have now lost 1kg, with 9kg to go in 96 days!

We babysat John's youngest grandchild on Sunday night - Sienna, just three months old, which was lots of fun and she is such a good baby. We woke with six of us in the house, plus baby, and John whipped up a big bacon, eggs and sausage breakfast for all. I admit to two eggs, some crispy bacon, one sausage and a piece of toast! Broke Dukan on day three! We had chicken and salad for dinner .... But still not sure how I got my weight down overnight...

I have been more focussed today, with a protein shake for breakfast and planning a fish with salad dish for tonight. I made home made pesto with fresh basil from our garden yesterday and it is definitely not Dukan friendly, but must be tried!

Emily left home to move to southern NSW yesterday, she has moved to my home town of Finley to stay with my parents while she completes a TAFE course this year. Missing her already! Jasmine is in Perth on holidays and is back on the 15th Jan, although we text and chat quite a lot.

I am also now part time with my magazine editing job and starting a new communications business. More about that shortly.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dukan diet round two - day two!

Wow! 9.2kg in 134 days. While I didn't meet my original dr Dukan target, it still seems like a solid result. I had a little break over Christmas, and yes, I put on about 1.5kg - so i am focussed on my new diet, which started yesterday.
We had a big new years eve, which included a three course meal and wine and champagne, but I did not stress, knowing I would get back to my diet the next day.
So my first day, yesterday, I lost .6kg - now only 9.4kg to go in 99 days! I had a light breakfast and early dinner and drank lots of water.
Today was two poached eggs and a black tea. Will have an eye fillet steak for dinner to tonight.
Wishing all my fellow dieters all the best for 2011. Dare to dream BIG!