Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dukan Diet - round two, day 19

Apologies for not blogging for over a week - the floods I. Queensland have caught everyone up on a frenzy of fund-raising and volunteering. My Rotary Club is raising funds to buy new mattresses for the flood victims in Theodore and we have also worked hard to get hundreds of hampers together to go to hard-hit areas.

With all this fling on my personal weight loss journey seemed less significant!

Having said that, I have now lost 1.8kg in 19 days, with 8.2kg to go in 81 days!

I started back at the gym properly this week, with John now a member and quite keen, yay! He had a personal training session this morning, so can't wait to hear about it (I was at Rotary).

I haven't been sticking to Dukan very well, slipping a few carbs in here and there and having a dinner party tonight .... But will get back to it tomorrow.

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