Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dukan DIet - round two day five

OK, the weight loss first four days WAS magical. Weighed in this morning 400g heavier - so now 9.4kg to go in 95 days! was it the glass of white wine I had with dinner? Could it have been the dozen fat, juicy prawns I had with salad? Could it be that, due to thecR accident over three weeks ago I am still not back at the gym?

Today is a non-Dukan kind of day too. I had scrambled eggs and a mocha at breakfast meeting. (Ok, I had a piece of toast too!) and I am heading to yum cha with gal pal Susie today for lunch. Planning on fish and salad tonight ... And heading back to the gym from tomorrow, even if I can only use treadmill and bike! My doctor increased my pain medication, so I may be able to lots more, ha, ha!!

On a good note, Emily is road-tripping byherself from gold coast to Finley. She made it to Gloucester on Monday and spent two nights with pal, Lorna. Lorna had other visitors and they had to share a bed. Emi said she didn't mind as long as there was no spooning! She left Gloucester early this morning and is already at Goulburn, after driving through Sydney by herself. Not bad for 17! Ive told her to check in to a motel if she gets tired, otherwise she should reach Finley late this afternoon. Little Miss Independent.

RACQ has just told me that my new car will still be two weeks before arriving, so I am a bit disappointed in that. I have the use of Jasmine's little Toyota Echo until she gets back from Perth on the 15th, but it will be around tuesday 18th before mine is ready. That will be almost six weeks from the accident AND the guy that hit us was fully insured!!

On a final note, I really have to get back into the Dukan mind-set. Maybe I should read the book again?!? Any tips?

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  1. I have just started Dukan too - are you on attack phase like me? I like your blog, keep up the good work! I've bookmarked you so will keep checking back to see how you're doing! :)