Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dukan Diet - overnight weight loss! Yay!

Sometimes things just seem to fall into place ... I've been dieting now for 39 days and going to the gym for two weeks ... I had hit a pateau but kept at it - and this morning the scales showed a 300g (.3kg) loss. Now only 98 days and 14.6kg to go! Total loss to date - 4.4kg.

It made getting up at 5.05am (seriously!) to go to the gym worth it - as I had to be at work early today. I did a good caardio workout and actually rowed for 10 minutes - around 1.8km - which is the longest I have been able to go. (I usually get to 5 or 6 minutes and swap to the bike or treadmill).

I had porridge and one piece of grainy toast for breakfast (I seem to need carbs after cardio). I have tuna in springwater for lunch and will have grilled salmon for dinner - so all good!

Work has been a bit high pressure this week - with our bi-annual sales conference. I had to do a 'pitch' to the bosses this morning - it went OK, not brilliant. They gave me some tips (which were good, actually) and I have to do another one in a couple of weeks. We have a new sales rep (Nabs) in our Melbourne office to work 75% on frankie and 25% on Travelling in Australia Mag - she sat in on the pitch and was really helpful. We are putting some stuff together today/tomorrow before she returns to Melb which should not only help me knock 'em dead next time, but should boost revenue sales too. Exciting stuff!

The good news is that TIAM 125 (my second issue as Editor) - came back from printer yesterday and my boss told me that it was even better than my first one. (I needed some brownie points from somewhere today!)

I am heading off to the Hunter Valley - Sat-Mon - partly for work and partly a getaway with John and another couple. Looking forward to it vut have to make sure I am careful with my diet (and drinks).

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