Monday, August 23, 2010

Dukan Diet - 101 days and 14.8kg to go!

I haven't blogged for a few days, mostly due to a really hectic couple of days at work and a very busy weekend. I broke diet a little, however, to my detriment - as I am just now back to what I was four days ago. I had toast on two mornings - I just NEEDED to. But the worst offence was at a BBQ on Saturday night - I was offered pavlova with lashings of cream - and I ATE it. Didn't hesitate. Just ate the whole thing. Then I had two pieces of some delicious coconut chocolate .... bad, bad, bad.

So the scales went up slightly over the weekend - but had a great day yesterday and they are back down to last Thursday's record - 4.2kg lost. I missed gym this morning too - have picked up a cold/chest infection which has set off some asthma episodes - leaving me coughing and struggling for breath during the night - so not much sleep. When the alarm went off at 5.20am I told myself it was OK to stay in bed for an extra hour and try to rest.

I will stick to my diet again today and hopefully will have recovered enough to hit the gym in the morning - so all back on track.


  1. hahaha... it dosen't hurt to treat yourself every now and then! But just make sure you stay on track this week, as you're doing soo well!
    Sorry to hear that you're sick! Get lots of rest tonight! xox
    p.s. Well done on the great results so far!!

  2. Thanks so much Jasmine - the pavlova incident involved a BBQ with Susie - need I say more? I am keen to stick with it this week and go to the gym - only 101 days to go - so I really can't stuff up and lose 4 days like last week!