Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dukan Diet - working for me!!

Pumped today! Headed off to Fenix gym at 5.30am - did a cardio workout this morning. Calculate that I burnt around 300 calories in 40 minutes. AND MY WEIGHT HAS DROPPED FURTHER. Could my metabolism have finally started working more efficiently? Total loss = 4.2kg in 32 days. Now only 105 days and 14.8kg to go! Woo, hoo!

Had a great dinner last night with my parents, John and Emily. Had mini lamb roasts from Cav's butcher - yumm! I usually worry a little about these because they are a little more fatty than steak or other cuts. It was a bit tricky watching everyone else butter their dinner rolls before we ate - but I focussed on the benefits of sticking to the diet. No entree, no dessert. All good.

I had a small amount of carbs this morning after the gym - small porridge with light milk followed by one slice of cape seed bread toast (OK, I caved - I've been dying to taste it!) with a smidge of butter and some vegemite. It tasted good - satisfied the craving. I've got tuna again for lunch. Should be OK.

I've got meetings at 11am and 2pm at work today - so Emily has swapped cars with me to take Mum and Dad to the bus in the afternoon - hysterical driving her teeny tiny smart car down the freeway .... and of course she gave it to me on empty. Pulled in to get fuel but could not work out how to get the little fuel tank thingee open. There's a trick to it. So driving on empty. She has now shared the secret so I will fill up after work. Heading to the hairdresser for cut and colour after work - I have a BBQ on Saturday and baby shower on Sunday to go to - got to hide the grey! Hope to catch up with Jasmine this evening too - maybe a spot of shopping later.
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