Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 30 - early morning at the gym, small weight loss!

Good morning! It's Day 30 - an official month and I have lost 3.7kg. I had hoped for more, but this has been good, steady weight loss. This diet has changed the way I think about food - I am really conscious about carbs now and steer well away from sugar and sweets. I really enjoy my protein meals - particularly when I can add vegetables - although I find salads easier. I do look forward to more variety when I reach the cruise stage, however.

I have made a slight change to Dr Dukan's strictures, however, and this may vary for other people. With NO CARBS I was getting headaches in the afternoon and feeling light-headed and even a little faint when I exercised at a high level. So ... contrary to Dukan - I am adding a very small amount of carbs on the mornings I do cardio at the gym. I have done quite a lot of online research on diet and nutrition over the last few days and chatted to trainers at the gym before making this decision. This morning I had a small porridge made out of pure oats and oat bran and skim milk. I followed this with one egg and a cup of black tea. It was very satisfying. I have brought a salad of celery, capsicum, cucumber and lettuce to work for lunch, topped with a half chicken breast (grilled last night) and cut up. I have a no fat yoghurt for morning tea. I also drink only green tea at work plus as much water as I can manage. I think the Dukan diet with no carbs is fine on his recommended exercise of a 30 minute walk each day - but if you are more active you may need some carbs to keep you going.

I have also increased my activity levels - went to the gym at 5.30am again today - focussed on cardio, with interval training on the treadmill, bike and cross trainer and went hard on the rower too. Hot, sweaty and heroic (which is more to do with how cold it is at 5.20am when the alarm goes off - it is still dark at that time).

Now the good news is that a motion was passed in parliament last night and again this morning! (Parliament being John's new name for the smallest room in the house). So feeling good about that too!

My parents arrive this afternoon - so we are planning dinner at the local pub - they have a terrific restaurant there (Arundel Tavern). I am looking forward to an eye fillet steak with salad and maybe a couple of oysters to start. Now my parents are a perfect example of good genes and good living. Dad is 79 and very strong and fit. He uses a hearing aid due to industrial deafness from farm machinery - but has a vice-like handshake and carries no extra weight. The travel all over visiting friends and relatives and Dad drives long distances with no problem (apart from Mum's sometimes poor navigation). Mum is almost 71 - neat and trim - and enjoys flirting with my bloke! She keeps really active doing all sorts of charity work in our home town and quite often tells me she has just been up to the respite part of the local hospital to 'help with the old people'. Amazing. Her hair is snow white but she can out-walk just about anyone I know and until some knee problems recently was playing competition tennis every week. Gotta love that!

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