Monday, August 16, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 29 - Motivated again!

Good morning all! I had a great weekend - researched my diet and re-assessed my position - with some help from my friends and followers! Now 108 days to go and ONLY 15.4kg!

I realise that I only lost 100g for the whole week - and I was steadfast with the diet AND spent four mornings at the gym. However - a few things to consider:-

1. My pal Ryan told me that my body had gone into 'starvation' mode and was hanging on to everything I ate. He told me to shock it up for one day with a small amount of carbs in the early part of the day. I did this on Sunday and the scales dropped 100g this morning!
2. I have not had a bowel movement since Friday morning - so hopefully that will shift today and it will show on the scales too.
3. My period arrived today - and my experience suggests that I usually increase my weight by around 400g for the first couple of days - so the end of the week should see this shift too.
4. I didn't walk or bike ride at the weekend ... although I did spend a couple of hours thoroughly cleaning my house on Saturday

Interestingly - I can really notice the weight loss in my clothes, especially over the weekend. I haven't measured myself (I should do that) but I have definitely lost centimetres from my middle and hips. So much so that a couple of people asked me yesterday if I had lost weight. THAT FELT GOOD!

I have lost 3.6kg in exactly four weeks. Not quite as much as I had hoped - but still a good effort. I went to the gym this morning and didn't really get a workout. It was my final 'intro' session with personal trainer Abi - so we went through the weights/resistance program she has designed for me. It is good to understand which machines to use to target certain areas - but the whole program covers all areas. This week I will alternate cardio and weights at the gym each day and see how it pans out for me.

I would love it if I could talk John into joining the gym with me. He is not keen just now - but I will keep working on him.
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