Friday, August 13, 2010

Dukan Diet - how healthy is it, really?

Firstly - 111 days and 15.5kg to go. To reach my goal pre-Xmas I need to lose an average of 800g per week. It's do-able, I know. I have been at this diet for almost 4 weeks. Weight loss - 3.5kg. Not bad.

I didn't blog yesterday because I was thinking, analysing and asking questions.
Here's the thing. I have been to the gym every morning this week - for around 45 minutes, twice with trainer Abi putting me through my paces. Results - sore ass (muscles), sore arms, sore legs and feeling quite heroic.
Here's the other thing. I have really stuck to the Dukan Diet - high protein, no carbs, no fat, three tablesoons of oat bran each day - every second day is JUST protein.
So here's the final thing. How healthy is it really to completely cut out carbs? (probably still getting some animal fats from protein, ie: cajun salmon steak for dinner last night). I have had a few bad headaches, and this morning while boxing with Abi I felt a little light-headed for a minute or two. She says some carbs are needed with increased exercise. And fibre - the oat bran did not 'move' me for four whole days until this morning. OK, I understand that there is less to move, but perhaps I am not eating enough? And how healthy is it to completely cut out fruit and many vegetables, such as carrots? Could one apple a day be that bad? (Ryan, I need your response to this).

I have done some reading and research. Most dieticians seem to he saying - moderation, portion control, three smaller meals plus two healthy snacks in between to keep the metabolism going. Drink water before meals to help with the 'full' feeling. This seems sensible but I must admit the Dukan system with clearly stated foods that are NOT allowed is easy to follow.

Conundrum. Do I ditch Dukan and follow something more balanced, like Weight Watchers point system? They have a cheap online program that helps you calculate daily points from foods and exercise. This would be easier than trying to calculate actual proteins, carbs and fats manually. It creates a food diary, which most experts say is important. If I switch to Weight Watchers do I still keep protein high and carbs low, but not totally cut out?

The one thing I do know is that I am totally committed to this journey. I want a little black dress for Xmas. I will stick with the gym. I will stick with a diet. But is the right one?


  1. Hi mum! i'm so impressed with your result! 3.5 kg in just a few weeks!! well done!
    I think the weight watchers system would be good - probably it is better to include some carbs/fruit into your diet. I believe you'd be able to stick to it aswell. you've already proved you can stick to the Dukan diet (and honestly i comend your effort to do that - i dont think i'd last)
    You're going soo well already! Keep it up! xox

  2. I agree with your wise daughter! I think cutting any food groups completely out of a person's diet isn't good for them. Not only because they would be missing essential vitamins etc but I've also found that once you go back to eating normally (that is, adding carbs back in etc) then BAM the weight comes back on! Not saying that you wn't stick to the exercising and everything, but if it's done through healthy, well balanced eating then it's easier to stick to when you've reached your goal weight!
    But Having said that I can't believe you've stuck to it this long, that's pretty dedicated!! I think a bit of trial and error to find what's right for you. :)
    Go Susan!!!