Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 24 - NO BLOODY CHANGE ... AGAIN!

I went to the gym yesterday AND this morning - worked up a sweat - have lots of sore bits - stuck fastidiously to the diet - and the scales did not move! What the ...? Still 113 days and 15.6kg to go!
Explanation 1 : Have I increased my muscle mass in just two days? Explanation 2 : The bran has not 'moved' me since Sunday ... ? Explanation 3 : could it be that I am not actually eating enough, so that everything I do eat is being hoarded? (On the weight watchers points system I am only averaging around 15 points per day ... is that my problem)?
I had my two eggs, bran and tuna in springwater omelette again this morning - it really fills me up. (Mind you, it seems to take much less to fill me up these days). I have tuna for lunch and a couple of yoghurts in the fridge for snacks. John is cooking small beef roast tonight.
I really don't crave sweet things BUT I would LOVE a piece of buttered toast or a crumpet, butter and vegemite. Then I feel cranky and deprived when the scales don't move and I am sticking to the diet. Sob!
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  1. I dont understand why you're craving crumpets out of all the things there are to crave!
    I go with explanation 4: You've just shocked your body by joining the gym and its not sure what to do about it. Give it a few more days to catch up!
    Stay focused, I believe you can do it! xox

  2. Thank you so much Jasmine - yes I am keen to stick with it - your support and belief in me really helps. I just received a fabulous and encouraging email from Ingrid Nielson in Berlin - so nice of her!

  3. So it seems its not just guys that like crumpets he says cheekily and then takes a slap from Susan.
    Whatever the reason it doesn't matter, its your race, you are being consistent, it sounds like you are feeling better above all else and just like the thousands of practice shots sportspeople do with little result, the final goal will come. On a practical note, maybe split the morning portion down to one egg and take a boiled egg to work for later in the day so you can keep a more consistent metabolism. I have never seen you quit in 23 years and over much bigger obstacles than this so go girl go!!!!