Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 23 - No change, but joined the gym!

The scales showed no change this morning - but I signed up at Fenix Nerang last night with Wendy - very nice and helpful - and had my first session with Abi this morning - they organise three personal training sessions to get you started - great idea! Now 114 days and 15.6 kg to go!

Abi tells me that doing weight resistance will build lean muscle - good for maintaining bone density as I move towards (evil) menopause and that muscle mass burns more calories. Sounds logical. I did squats, push ups, rowing, lateral pulldowns (I think), then 10 minutes on the bike. I am keen to try a few classes - RPM (cycle) and maybe pilates and boxing. They gave me two free passes for each of my daughters, so I am hoping that they will come to a class with me.

My diet was good yesterday - two eggs for breakfast and lean chicken breast with celery, cucumber and capsicum for lunch. I had a yoghurt in the afternoon. John cooked a sirloin steak for me last night - it was quite big and I had green beans and zuccini, steamed.

Started today with breakfast about 45 minutes after the gym - two eggs, oat bran and small tin of tuna in springwater, mixed up and cooked into an omelette. Tasty and filling. I have more tuna for lunch - and a yoghurt for the afternoon. Most of the time I do not feel hungry. Drinking lots of water and green tea.

I saw a little black dress in a boutique window on Chevron Island on Sunday - it is the style I aspire too (a little bit Melbourne Cup) - and I am now quite convinced that I will get there. Go me!
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