Friday, August 27, 2010

Dukan Diet - total weight loss 5kg in 40 days!

Good Morning All! Rowing at the gym is obviously working - plus I stuck to diet very well yesterday. Total weight loss now 5kg in just 40 days - and 97 days and only 14kg to go!

Still unwell however - head cold now moving to chesty cough. I really want to shake this thing off as I don't want it to spoil my weekend in the Hunter Valley.

It's a public holiday on the gold coast - so no gym this morning as it was only opening 8am - 4pm and I still have to be at work. I had thought to get up early and go for a walk - but the head cold and cough talked me into staying in bed until 6.30am.

Our scheduled conference finishes at 1pm today - so I am not sure if that means we will get an early mark or whether we still have to put in the full day - hoping for an early mark.

Now that I have lost even more weight this week and I am doubly determined to be careful over the weekend to not put any back on. (However, getting editorial together for a feature on 'best wine and food trails' makes it somewhat awkward not eat or taste wine ....!!)

Wish me luck! I won't blog again until Tuesday ... enjoy your weekends and stay strong!


  1. If I in any way, shape or form had the potential to be a cheerleader right now, I'd have big poms poms in my hands and be danvcing around saying "Go Mum, Go Mum, G-O, G-O, Gooooo MUM!!"