Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dukan Diet - head cold but still went to the gym!

Feeling very heroic this morning - not only was it cold and dark at 5.30am but I have a shocking head cold and have blown my nose so much in the night that it is shining like Rudolph's this morning - AND I WENT TO THE GYM! Yup, 5.30 am - hit the weights circuit plus a little cardio to warm up and warm down.

The only problem was - my weight was still -4.1kg when I went to the gym, it usually drops a couple of points when I return - BUT NO, this morning it went UP 200g after the gym. What the ...? I did drink around 600ml of water at the gym - but damn! Not counting it - choosing the first weigh in before the gym. So now 99 days and 14.9kg to go! So there.

We have a conference at work today until Friday. I'm making a presentation/pitch tomorrow to the big boss. Hoping he doesn't mind a box of tissues as a prop. If this thing wasn't on I would have taken a sick day - I'm feeling that poorly. I've been here six months and had one day off for a big dentist thing, but no sickies. (I know Jasmine is going to comment that I never let them have a day off school unless they were bleeding from the eyes and that I should just 'suck it up'). I'm here Jas, just whinging a little.

However, feeling lousy should help me stick to the diet - as I had scambled eggs this morning and not feeling much like anything except green tea and lots of water. Butter menthol would be good - I'll see if anyone has some ...

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  1. Hi Mum, yes i'm so proud of you that you went to the gym at 5.30 this morning, while I was in my warm bed! Your determination is undying!
    And you shouldn't weigh yourself after the gym. Firstly you drink water, and second you've just added muscle and are sweating.
    I dont think you should weigh yourself each day, its unhealthy. Weight always fluctuates depending on what time of day you wigh yourself.
    I'm sorry that you're ont feeling well - i really hope you get better soon, and in time for the weekend!!
    You're definitely a hero for riding the storm while your sick!! Love you, you can do it!! xo