Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - is it just me, or is it getting easier?

Good morning - again, sorry no blog for a few days - I have been under the pump a bit at work and the weekend was super busy.

Weigh in results today : 64 days and 6.4kg loss - now 74 days and 12.6kg to go!

I actually hit this milestone on Saturday morning (6.4kg loss) and was REALLY excited! However the weekend was tricky - with a BBQ dinner on Saturday night. John barbecued steak (eye fillet for the girls) and I made two salads - one of them a pasta pesto with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts, a green salad with olives, semi dried tomatoes and avocado AND crunchy roast potatoes. While I did not have a dinner roll (like John and our guests), I DID have a small portion of potatoes and pasta salad as well as some of the green salad. After that the strawberries soaked in mead with creamy ice cream seemed OK, as well as a glass of red wine AND a Baileys on ice. VERY NAUGHTY, but delicious!

I should not have been surprised when my weight went back up 400g on Sunday morning. I made a lovely vegetable omelette and crispy bacon (for John) - but sneaked a piece of bacon myself. Then off to a Rotary lunch at the Marriott Hotel. One glass of wine, small portion of main course and a little fresh fruit for desert. I avoided the petite sweets ... just.

It gets worse - Sunday night John barbecued some lean beef sausages which we had with the left over salads (again with the pesto pasta ...). I had TWO sausages followed by a herb tea.

So yesterday I went to the gym at my usual early hour and did a big weights session - came back to a 100g loss (yay!) Had a great day yesterday, food wise. Stuck to the attack menu - including Dukan meatloaf last night (which I have for lunch today) - and after a big cardio session at the gym this morning I am back to Saturday morning's record breaking weight loss!

Despite all that - it isn't actually that hard. I don't beat myself up if I have a little slip up or treat once a week or so - and seem to be able to shift the weight a bit easier too. I am hoping that I will increase my weight loss ratio, per week, over the next few weeks. Logic tells me that the diet and gym should be helping to kick-start my metabolism, so in theory it should get easier/faster for a while. I know that when I get closer to my ideal weight it may get hard again.

I read another interesting thing the other day - if you have been at a consistent weight for a few years - which I have - initially your body wants to keep taking you back to that weight. But after a while it gets re-programmed to accept the lesser weight as 'normal' .... I love this theory - lets see how it works!

Feeling pumped - planning to hit the 7kg loss mark by the weekend. I have to be careful - as I am taking my daughter Jasmine to dinner tonight (seafood, which is always a good choice) AND I am catching up with gal pals Susie and Irene to see a play at the Arts Centre on Thursday night titled "Often I find that I am naked" and we are having dinner first.

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  1. Mum - well done!
    I can't even begin to imagine how great you are feeling! It must be like being a whole new person!
    Cant wait to see you tonight! xoo