Friday, October 22, 2010

Dukan Diet - Yay! 8kg milestone reached!

A good start to the morning - I reached my 8kg milestone - so that's 8kg lost in 95 days, with another 11kg to lose in just 42 days. I know that I'm not going to reach my original goal of 19kg in 137 days - but I should be somewhere around 12-13kg down in that time. I will push on past the original date to reach my goal - why not? I'm on a roll!

I did not go to the gym this morning - I had an early appointment with new chiropractor (LOVE my old Chiro but just cannot get there during his opening hours, so have changed to John's Chiro who is very close to home and opens before and after work). He told me that, considering the trauma my body has been through (two quite serious acidents in my 20's and 30's) that my spine is in quite good shape. He adjusted my neck and I need to think about a better chair to use at work, which may help recurring problems.

I am off this afternoon with my friend Susie to Gwinganna health retreat. Really looking forward to it! Watch out for Monday's blog!


  1. Hi Susan I mentioned to Leeanne Anderson about the Dukan diet - she told me about your blog which has been very informative and motivated me to start my diet - now have lost 5.5 kgs. Congratulations on reaching your 8 kg milestone. I would be really interested in your experiences at Gwinganna. Hope you had a wonderful time - thanks for the motivation and inspiration to take this step.. Cheers Ros

  2. Thank you very much Aussie cruiser - how long did it take you to lose 5.5kg? I sounds like you are doing really well - go you!

  3. Hi Susan
    I have taken the plunge - you were the first blog about Dukan that I read and I think keeping a public record will help to keep me motivated and accountable... finger crossed. I have set up a blog at I am currently on Day 32 and so far so good.
    Have a wonderful birthday celebration - you deserve it - you are doing so well.