Monday, October 18, 2010

Dukan Diet - another loss, yay!

Despite an overnight stay at the beautiful Sheraton Main Beach on Friday night - including seafood buffet dinner and totally delicious buffet breakfast - I still managed to lose weight over the weekend.

I have now lost 7.7kg in 91 days - with 11.3kg and 46 days to go! My goal is to hit 8kg lost by mid-week.

We also went to an Indian restaurant for dinner on Saturday night- but I was careful not to over-indulge and we had a really healthy day yesterday with a very light dinner.

I had a great cardio workout at the gym this morning, which I am sure helped too!

I saw a recipe in the Sunday papers yesterday for grilled chicken on silverbeet, garlic & pine nuts - it looks healthy and John has an abundance of silverbeet growing in the backyard - so I am cooking this tonight.

Oh - the haircut last Thursday - not so good. The colour was wrong - a little lighter but not what I asked for - however it looks OK. But the cut - I ended up with a mullet (nothing like I asked for) and had to go to another hairdresser on Saturday to get it fixed - which also meant going much shorter than I would normally be comfortable with. However although short, it is a good cut and will grow out quite nicely.

We spent a couple of hours at our neighbours house yesterday afternoon, having a few drinks (water for me) and chatting and John pllayed guitar a little. Lots of fun. The nicest bit, however, was PJ telling me that I looked great, much slimmer, and she LOVES the short hair (told me I looked younger). However, I will temper this by saying she may have had a glass of wine at this point! It still left me with a warm glow!

Will hit 8kg loss this week!


  1. haha i'm sure PJ meant it!
    Iv'e noticed how great you look - theres no denying it mum - you're looking fabulous! Go you!
    Cant wait to see you tomorrow,