Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dukan gal does pilates

I had to write a quick blog today to tell you about my very first pilates class last night. I learned a lot:-
1. I am not very flexible
2. My lower back doesn't work the way it is supposed to
3. I have no chance, ever, of doing the one where your left leg is bent and your left foot is somewhere near your right ear (if I could do that John would be the happiest bloke in town!)
4. When I think of this during class I get the giggles, which gives Emily the giggles, which gives her friend Pip the giggles - which mildy annoys the teacher.

My weight was the same today as yesterday - but that happens quite often.

Heading to the hairdresser for new 'do' after work - going lighter and maybe shorter. There could be tears.

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