Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wow! Another 400g weight loss in 3 days!

Good Morning! I was so excited this morning when I weighed in - that I had to write another blog today! I was down 400g (.4kg) this morning - so now 7.4kg lost in 86 days, with 51 days and 11.6kg to go!

It seems that my morning carbs and protein, followed by protein and salad or vegetables the rest of the day is working. So is going to the gym each day. I was hungry before dinner last night, so I had a small mandarin, just to 'tide me over'.

No gym this morning as I attended a Rotary breakfast - I was careful to choose fresh fruit followed by one egg and grainy toast. I have rice crackers (about 20) and a small portion of hommus for a snack this morning, followed by lean silverside and fresh salad. I have another mandarin and a low fat yoghurt for the afternoon - as I am planning to go to the gym after work (I may attend my first pilates class with daughter Emily) - then I will just have a small vegetable soup after gym for dinner.

I'm a bit worried about the pilates class - I am so un-coordinated that I am scared I will embarrass myself. Emily tells me we can stay in the back and just go at our own pace. However, she has been doing this class for weeks ...

Oh ... and I need to tell you about my pants. (Have any of you seen Eat Love Pray where they mention 'Big Lady Pants'? - think of me!) My favourite work pants (Liz Jordan) black pinstripe, size 14 and have always been 'snug' are now so loose that they :- 1. drag on the ground even in my highest boots because I have less 'booty' these days; 2. are so loose that I can take them off without undoing them.

John saw me getting changed after work yesterday - I just slid the pants off - and he is now pestering me to buy 'interim' pants as he is worried they may just 'fall down' at work! I have been wanting to wait until I reach my goal to treat myself to a new wardobe - but I may have to concede and buy a couple of outfits for work.

Having fun, feeling good and well set to reach my goal of 8kg lost by just after the weekend (if not sooner).


  1. ok, so I really hope you haven't been scaring the guys in your office by slipping your pants off all day! I agree, time to get some new pants!

    And give pilates a go. It's very low-intensive and good for toning. I think you'll actually enjoy it. Dont worry it doesn't require too much coordination!

    Have fun


  2. Ha, ha funny girl! Tempting as it is to just see if I can 'shimmy' out of pants at any moment - have resisted and kept them up all day! Pilates for toning sounds good - and pleased about the co-ordination thing (you get htat from me, by the way!)