Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Small diet success - 7kg lost!

I had a great week and weekend of dieting and gym - and reached my 7kg target on Sunday morning! Yay! So, still 12kg to go and only 52 days - at my current rate I will lose another 5kg by D-day. However - this is still a great result and I will keep going - set new targets - to get the remaining weight off. And I haven't been totally 'good' and sticking to it. The odd piece of chocolate on occasions and I had a sliver of birthday cake at the office yesterday (my first in 12 weeks) as it was mid afternoon, I didn't have anything for a snack, and it was there. I thought it was better to have a small piece and not go home starving.

I find I have more energy and less hunger or cravings, even though I eat less than I used to. More frequently, but smaller portions. This journey (12 weeks so far) has also made me think differently about food - or perhaps LESS about food.

I had Uncle Tobys nutty oats for breakfast and one slice of burgen bread with a scrape of butter. I just have trouble getting protein in at breakfast some days (eggs are great at the weekend, but I don't always feel like them during the week). Carbs first thing seem to help me get started - then I stick to protein and salad for the rest of the day, generally.

John only came twice to the gym last week - he is just not motivated to do it at the moment. No point me nagging him to join when he's not totally into it. I admit I'm a bit disappointed - it would be fun to go together. However he is watching me getting results and I think he will start walking or swimming when the weather warms up - plus we need to get our bikes out again on fine weekends.

Next target - 8kgs - by this time next week.


  1. Every time I read your blog, I seem to be immediately impressed with how you're going! Your determination is amazing! Well done for reaching the 7kg benchmark, i'm so proud of you! You're looking fantastic - and I think you really will have to get some new pants

  2. Thanks Jas - you're so cute. I'm wearing what used to be my 'tight' pants today and have to keep hitching them up. Really need to buy new ones - but every time I hitch them up I smile at how good it feels to be thinner!