Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dukan Diet - another small loss - almost to 8kg!

I was working toward an 8kg loss by yesterday - but still not there this morning. Currently 7.8kg. I missed the gym yesterday as I went to a Rotary breakfast (tried to choose low-fat options) and also had a small Thai meal on Tuesday night with Jasmine.

John and I went to the pub for dinner last night - I had a 300g eye fillet, grilled, and salad and stole four chips from John's plate! However - I headed back to the gym early this morning and did a really hard cardio workout which left me hot, sweaty and heroic!

Planning a very healthy day today - with lots of protein and minimum fat and carbs - so with luck I will hit my target tomorrow morning.

In addition - I am heading to a gorgeous health retreat in the hinterland called Gwinganna tomorrow afternoon for the weekend, with my friend Susie. We will do thai chi, walking, aqua aerobics and all sorts of healthy activities. The meals will be low-calorie and nutritious AND I have booked a massage and facial while there. Total pampering, girls weekend! With luck I will lose a kilo over the weekend and maybe start Monday 9kgs down (will I make it a goal?)

Just over two weeks to my birthday and I want to break the 10kg mark by then. I plan to celebrate a little - perhaps a glass of champagne? And, once the 10kg target is reached I want to buy a couple of outfits .... shopping should be much more fun these days!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Mum!
    Congratulations - you're making excellent progress... wow - nearly at the 8kg mark! So exciting!
    However, i think 1kg is alot to lose just in 2 days... maybe only aim for 0.5kg.
    Have a fun weekend! I hope you enjoy it!