Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 10 - GAINED 200g - blaming rain!

Torrential rain overnight and this morning - so no early morning walk. Imagine my horror when I jumped on the scales to find I GAINED 200g (.2kg) overnight - so now only 128 days and 17.6kg to go! Bugger!

Had a good day, Dukan Diet wise - especially breakfast and lunch. May have blown it a little at dinner. Had John cook me a 250g eye fillet on the BBQ (very lean) and had green beans and zuccini (steamed) and the smallest amount of sweet potato (carbs?). While the BBQ was hot I had John cook up some rissoles (all lean beef mince) for lunch today .... and while I was cleaning up after dinner I ATE ONE. Wasn't hungry. Certainly wasn't necessary. It was just THERE ...

Had a yoghurt with bran and two rissoles for breakfast with a cup of black tea. Feel full. The bran worked (yay!).

I need a rainy day solution for my exercise, so joining a gym is looking like a really good idea.

However - oddly enough, despite the slight gain - I FEEL thinner today! Could it be a state of mind? Or am I just wearing pants that have a looser fit?


  1. I say forget to scales! It's definitely soemthing if you feel thinner!! Trust your instinct. At least you know where you went wrong, and can therefore avoid the saem mistakes!