Monday, July 26, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day Eight - down 100g (.1kg).

A good start to Week 2 - now only 130 days and 17.5kg to go!

Feeling pumped and positive this morning - went for a brisk 30 minute hill walk with John! Had a yoghurt with bran (which finally worked, yay!) and a rissole from last night. All protein day today - so taking three small rissoles to work and a yoghut.

Will oganise fish or chicken tonight for dinner. I have a really big day at work today - I have a Journalism Intern starting (two days per week) and this issue of the magazine is in design his week - printing next week - and I still have a lot of editorial collaterol to write/finish.

I think about food less when I'm busy. Heck, I must admit I have thought about food less on this diet!! Can I be changing the way think about food already? I hope so.


  1. Agreed! Being busy is the best way to supress your appetite.
    Sounds like you're going really well, and could it be that you're actually enjoying it??
    Wow - 1 week in, and great results already!