Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dukan Diet Day Seven - lost another 200g (.2kg) Yay!

Definitely on a roll here - another 200g down - only 131 days and 17.6kg to go!

Did not walk yesterday but busy all day. Had some cold roast beef and green salad for lunch. Went to a Rotary function in the evening - had a small bowl of minestrone soup, follwed later by a small bowl of chicken soup. Very delicious and quite filling BUT was EXTREMELY ENVIOUS of the home made pizza everyone was making. Smelt tantalising but I stayed strong. Drank only water. Dessert came out (three diferent kinds and nothing on the approved eating list) - so John took pity on me and decided it was a good time to leave.

Lazy day today - had a sleep in then went to Aqua on the Broadwater for breakfast. Ordered a ham and mushroom omelette (no cheese). Fabulous. So full afterwards that I did not even want the toast that came with it. Tried some chai tea - quite nice.

Went to Cav's (very special butcher)for some mini lamb roast for dinner and some very fresh, nothing but lean meat, rissoles. John cooking rissoles on the BBQ so I can take some to work. He is having roast veges with his lamb (he uses lots of olive oil). I am dry roasting my lamb and having steamed veges. Looking forward to it.

Had a yoghurt with bran before breakfast - really need the bran again today (enough said!)

Feeling positive and supported. All good!

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