Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 17 - NO CHANGE but feeling better!

No change on the scales again this morning - still 121 days and 17.2kg to go. However I motivated myself to get up early despite the cold and go for a walk. It was a quicker walk this morning BECAUSE I RAN A LITTLE! That's right, I actually ran (well, slow jog, really). So I walked 100 metres, jogged 60 metres, walked 100 metres, jogged 60 metres. Not bad - got all my bits wobbling - would have been hilarious from behind!

I've decided that my metabolism is very slow and I need to speed it up - because I am sticking to the diet really well. Going to the gym, finally, after work tonight. I cooked lean chicken breast for dinner. After dinner I was relaxing on the couch enjoying Packed to the Rafters when my youngest, Emily, decided to join me while eating a chocolate mousse. She offered me a spoonful. I declined. She offered again telling me that one little bit wouldn't hurt. I declined. She made a final attempt, actually waving it under my nose - but I told her I have lost my taste for sweet things and no thank you. She was very impressed.

Jasmine got caught in traffic on the freeway coming down from Brisbane, so I only had a few minutes with her before she left for her date (but I did put through the load of washing she just happened to bring with her).

It was fun in the kitchen this morning having a 'date postmortum' with her. The love guru of the house, Emily, threw in some sage advice too. Watch this space.

Had two eggs scrambled with a tablespoon of yoghurt and fresh basil from our yard for breakfast and a chamomile tea.

I have brought in the extra chicken breast I cooked last night, for lunch today - plus some green tea and inelegeant chewing gum in my top drawer along with container of bran for yoghurt snack later.

I have a 'thing' to go to on the 22nd August - really want to be down another 3kg by then, so I have to get this together.


  1. Thanks for using my love life as a means of entertainmnet! If you hadn't made it sound so funny, I would have been angry!!
    Lol.... emily and her chocolate mousse.... haha i'm impressed you resisted the temptation!!

  2. Sorry Jas - couldn't help it ....