Friday, August 6, 2010

Dukan Diet - Day 19 - no change but feeling good!

One of my friends asked why I weigh myself each day, telling me that I should only do it once a week. The reason, for me, is that I would worry that I was having slight gains without realising, so the daily weigh in keeps me focussed. Any thoughts?
Only 119 days and 17.1kg to go! I really hoped that I would be at least a 1kg down this week while John was away - he is due home later tomorrow and unless I drop a huge amount overnight, not much to report.
I didn't walk this morning as I had a breakfast meeting at 6.30am. Breakfast was runny eggs (yuk! I hate them runny) on toast that I couldn't have and field mushrooms on the side. Ate the mushrooms, drank black tea and ignored the plate of fresh fruit and another of pastries in the centre of the table.
Due to my early start I forgot to pack lunch and frankly did not have time to go out today - so I was left with a yoghurt in the fridge - which I ate. Really did not feel hungry until around 4pm - so I chewed some gum (seriously thought about swllowing!). I was offered chocolate and jelly snakes by a colleague, but I stayed strong!
I should be home around 6.30pm - so the trick is not to over-eat because I am hungry. I am calling into the Fenix gym on the way home. I thought the people at Goodlife were very nice last night, but the ladies change room was smelly - worse than smelly - it was lucky I hadn't eaten when I called in! They are $3 per week more than the Sharks gym too - doesn't sound much but it is $150 per year - and that's a pair of shoes!
Taking final proofs for the mag home tonight - need to do final checks tomorrow and write my Editor's Intro. Busy!

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