Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dukan Diet - finding my inner goddess, at last!

It was a little hard to get up at 5.20am this morning - part of me just wanted to snuggle in to my permanent blokey hot water bottle for a little longer, but I thought,"if I get up and go to the gym, it may mean another small loss, so just do it!"

So I got up and went to the gym - did a weights workout with a little treadmill at the start and bike at the end. Fenix has a few bikes upstairs in the weights area that have a 'virtual reality' program. First time for me and it is really motivating to be 'racing' the clock and other riders. Fun! I am a competitor, by nature!

Then home to the scales and woo! hoo! - another small loss of just 100g (.1kg) - but now I am 5.4kg down with only 13.6kg to go in 87 days. I had a small porridge with oatbran this morning and half a toasted muffin with vegemite. It seems I need the carbs after the gym. I had left-over Dukan recipe meatloaf for lunch (made John a meatloaf sandwich to take to work) and will have just protein tonight. And maybe a green tea while I watch Packed to the Rafters ...

Oh - I started this blog with "finding my inner goddess" - and guess what? It seems that losing 5kg makes a difference. My work pants are all a little loose - my favourite pair are dragging on the ground slightly, even with my high heel boots on - as I guess my ass/hips are slightly smaller so they hang a little lower. My upper body shape seems to have changed too - it's, er, more shapely. And the tops of my legs now look more like legs than tree stumps .... how will I feel after another 5kg?????


  1. yay!! i'm loving that you're finding your inner goodness. It must feel so great to be noticing the difference in your pants. well done!
    wow... and another 5kgs... i think you'd feel like a whole new person! I think you're already looking younger!
    Remember the guy in the cafe last week.. he said "you cant be old enough to have a daughter that old!" haha.... getting lots of attention hot stuff

  2. You're so cute - by the way, I haven't found my inner goodness, just my inner goddess! I forgot about the cafe guy flirting with us - although I think he was just hoping for a tip! Although I always assume that these dudes are nice to me just to get to my gorgeous daughter/s!

  3. ooo haha... my bad. (i'll never be a good speller)
    And you wouldn't have such gorgeous daughters if you wern't gorgeous yourself!